Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finger Tatoo arts

Nothing to scare - Advertisement (Thailand)

Indian Hair cut ~ advertisement

How the beggars' open wounds are created

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by these con-artists!

Material : red ink, cotton pad, white glue, tooth pick (tiny sticks), cotton wool.

Use white glue to create the wound surrounding.

Wait for the glue to dry.
Use tooth pick to create the wound area.

Use a dishwasher pad to spread the extra glue.

Use little drop of red ink to create the outside scratched area. When dried, use cotton pad with red ink (not too much) to strengthen the surrounding scratched area.

Use tooth pick to spread the glue to create the broken skin.

Spread red ink inside of the glue.

Spread some 'wound' with more and some with less ink to make it look more real. Wait to dry.


A real ghost video...

Top 10 haunted sites (Singapore )

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Source : Ebay , starting bid at US$300
A "RARE" unbelievable appearance on a paper hand towel wipe! Here's your chance to get a one of a kind oddity. I swear no altering to the image has been done to this paper hand towel wipe from the time I stopped using it to clean. I sprayed Fantasic on a white new hand towel piece I pulled off the roll and used it on our kitchen breadbox door. Two squares together folded over before using. I was about to spray more Fantastic onto the hand towel, but once I turned the dirty side towards me, I noticed this man's face with a hat looking at me and was amazed!! You can see the pressure marks from rubbing it on the surface. I will ship this in a plastic container for its protection. A beautiful item for your oddball collection!
~Quote : ohrob! (seller)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DIY - Drawing on Car (Singapore)

Using Correction pen - "Liquid paper " style !