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War Museum (Penang , Batu Maung - Malaysia)

Penang War Museum was erected on the original defence complex built by British early dated before world war-2 due to importance to protect Penang Harbour from sea attack. It was known well that Penang was not being prepared to Japanese invaders. Most of the defense were consisted of light machineguns and several Bofors anti-aircraft and most of these guns were located to protect Butterworth airfield.

An additional, one firing range observation tower, several Anti Aircraft gun pit with underground tunnels, one searchlight battery, logistic centers, halls, offices, ventilation shafts, sleeping quarters, cook houses as well as medical infirmary enough to accommodated one regiment. At least several pillboxes were built to protect from sea landings. These complex was constructed on 20 acres of land, it is an integrated fortress on Bukit Batu Maung or Bukit Punjab. The British Royal Engineers and a work force comprises of local laborers blasted and dug into the hill to create a fort.

The British knew Penang Island as Fortress Penang, but in reality it only had 4 anti-aircraft guns and a motley garrison of some 500 untrained troops. On December 16, British forces evacuated due to Japanese bombing the island and seized many ships and boats in the harbour the day before. At dawn on December 17, the Japanese came ashore from small boats and seized the island without losing a soldier. They were intrigued to discover the radio station in Penang was not destroyed by the British before they departed, and used it to broadcast propaganda to Malaya and Singapore

From under Japanese Occupation, it was used again to protect Japanese shipping from Allied attack mainly from British and American Subs. After ww2, it was abandoned. Many of the fittings were stripped and scrap. Two large batteries guns were missing. At least after 60 years, Penang Government decided to restored the complex and proposed as Penang War Museum.

Restaurant La Defence

Entrance to War Museum

Tomb of Sgt John Wolf

War Tunnel

Soldier Execute Place
This place are used by Japanese to execute british and other malaya soldiersduring the war, decapitalizing is common.

Wow~~~~ Nice places for ghost.

Credit : Forum RO-G 'Ch7!sT^^' (May 25 2006)
But da prob is..Theres no holes..Wheres da air come from? And the tunnel is very darky and long..Its like.. During war time use to hide 1.. Inside got ppl die b4 also.. T_TDats da PLACE i sked da most..Dono why, It makes me feel so COLDY and WINDY eventho its not OPEN air-ed.. =.=
Got 1 more place worst is..Theres a SMALL lorong only for 1 MAN side to crawl into it...-.-" There TOTALLY DARK and u couldnt even SEE a thingie @_@ Juz noe CRAWL straight.. =.=" Only brave ppl dare crawl in da 1st place...Jap hate Chinese.. -.- War Museum was a place where our ppl's fight with Jap's =.="
Got 1 spot is "General Taka wadeva" Japanese GENERAL dat cause WORLD WAR II with Msia hang himself there with 13 steps up to the hanger place.. >_<>.<"
Go there visit.. Very Nice 1.. xD~War museum most haunted place..Every part u stepped on.. Is da place where humans splash their fresh blood and meat there.. /swt1/ Then u said haunted anot ar?U got went to the part where Japanese General Has hes 13 steps up to the staircase b4 he hung himself? There is DA MOST HAUNTED PART.. =="If ur da workers there.. U might hear bomb bursting noise, Man's shouting noises.. And even heard woman crying.. (Been raped) *sighs*

Bloody Mary

Below is the original way of the blood mary summoning ritual:

To summon Bloody Mary you have to go into a bathroom at the stroke of midnight and stand in front of the mirror with a lit candle and with the lights turned off. You chant her name 13 times,

“Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary…” and then you shout, “I stole your baby!”

And then… in the mirror… you will see the face of a horribly disfigured woman — and she’ll claw your face with razor-sharp nails, leaving you just as terribly mutilated as she is!

Reference :
Bloody Mary @ wikipediaBloody Mary is a name applied to both Queen Mary I of England and to a figure of Western folklore. Mary I acquired the epithet during the reign of her successor Elizabeth on account of the perceived ferocity of her religious persecutions. The folkloric character is a ghost or witch said to rape, kill, squeeze, eat, and bury children; other very similar tales use different names. Several other fictional characters are also called Bloody Mary.

Background :
Mary Tudor, Queen of England, had several miscarriages, and suffer the pain of the bereaved mother. she still, however, wished to be reunited with her death children. pantang larang said if you stand in a dark room, in front of a mirror, and repeat "bloody mary, i have your children" five times (five being the number of her death children) she will come out from the mirror and attack you, in revenge for teasing her....if you are not going dissapoint your self, have a try at your own risk

More Detail :

Tiny skelton found

A very tiny human skeleton.......Discovered !!

Believe it or not ~

David Blaine Street Magic

Cigeratte pass thru coin !

Empty beer can auto-refilled again !

Shadow Magic

MS Paint God

3D Painting - Fountain of Youth

Thread Mill Dance

Thread Mill can do wonders !

Censor Bar Art

You want to see the uncensored version ? Don't ask me , i wll not share..haha

Suggestive Doodles

what you See 1st is not what you Get in the end...

Wall Animation

It repeats twice which is great because you'll want to watch it again.

Extended version

Glass Harmonica Symphony

Music from Glass...

Human Mirror

Improv Everywhere sends pairs of identical twins into the subway to blow some minds. Special effects courtesy of God.

Umbralla Attack ! Run for your lives....

Ulitimate Quarters

The experts playing quarters coin ..WHO want to take the challenge ?

101 types of MAGIC

*Information Reference*

Let me tell u about magic. there are many many many types

-red magic
-white magic
-green magic
-purple magic
- and of course black magic

Each of this have different purposes i will not explain the 1st 7 cause its too broad...u need to go check it out urself using a search engine well...

Red Magic
- Red Magic spells are used to find a new lover, turn a good friend into a lover, draw a loved one closer, receive a proposal of marriage, celebrate married life, enforce sexual fidelity, mend lover's quarrels, bring back a lost lover, magnify lust, enhance libido, attract casual sexual partners, or increase fertility. Red magic spells can be gentle or strong, suggestive or coercive; what makes them all red magic spells is that they have something to do with romance, love, lust, fertility, or sexuality.

White Magic
- White Magic spells are used to protect, bless, heal, and help yourself or those you care for. They can bless new ventures, help the mind and body, shield people and places from curses and hexes, turn back evil magic spells, reverse bad conditions, break jinxes, and help good dreams and wishes come true. White magic spells are all intended to be positive, uplifting, and gentle; they are never coercive.

Green Magic
- Green Magic spells are used to bring in cash, draw in money, receive a job offer or promotion, bring back money owed, magnify gambling wins, enhance good luck, attract business partners and customers, or increase prosperity. Green magic spells can be gentle or strong, suggestive or coercive; what makes them all green magic spells is that they have something to do with money, gambling, business success, or wealth.

Purple Magic
- Purple Magic spells are used to bring in personal success, draw in allies, receive a favourable verdict in court, magnify rulership, force others to behave as desired, enhance control, attract helpful spirits or demons, or increase will power. Purple magic spells can be gentle or strong, suggestive or coercive; what makes them all purple magic spells is that they have something to do with controlling, commanding, compelling, or bending others to one's will.

Black Magic-
Black Magic spells are used to bring about sickness and unnatural illness, break up love affairs, create crossed conditions, send enemies away, force people out of their jobs, wreak justified vengeance, destroy those who have laid tricks for you, attract wrathful spirits and demons to aid in hurting others, or curse and hex people to death. Black magic spells can be gentle or strong, suggestive or coercive; what makes them all black magic spells is that they have something to do with hurting, harming, goofering, jinxing, or hot footing enemies.i dunno if all of the spells in this are real but u can go try... curse ur fren

For more information --

Pontianak seen in Tampines (Singapore)

Believe it or not !!

Posted at STOMP forum

Heard that newspaper also reported about this.

Note : According to books and google, Pontianaks are woman who died during childbirth.. therefore they harm babies and children...

Fish That You've Never Seen Before

Super long fish ...rumours say that it is caught in Malaysia ( i am unable to confirm source)

1001 facts about Pantang Larang (Reference only)

Things/behaviour to avoid for "Evil-free" life...

Yeah ! when talking about pantang there are so many pantangs n i just wonder which one is true,anyway its better to just listen to the old folks out there,or else we might get a free speech the whole day/night...

***************************************************************************************************This This section is a compilation summary of what we have learned from each other so far...from one of my frequent online forum discussion

I will update this section whenever there are new & interesting pantang being highlighted Hope you guys will find this page of Reference informations Useful in any way

***************************************************************************************************General General Guide

(1) Do Not Insult Smtg Related To Spiritual Stuff.. When u go somewheres where got ppl died b4.. Like penang War museum.. Or Any bukits.. Dont ever talk nonsense.. my mom say if u walk by somewhere like lorong(malay) , if u smell sumthin funny(like smelly) don say :"wah, so smelly" or sumthin like dat, coz the "thing" will angry.

(2) Do Not Throw Scissor Or Any Sharp Thingie Onto Ground.. (Accidentally Nvm)

(3) Dont whisper at night or else the thing will follow you back home.

(4) Dont play hide and seek at night (After 6pm) ,coz you might not be able to find one of your fren at last..(coz he might be taken by that kind of thing already )

(5) Do not shout out loudly, even if u saw one of "them", pls try not to shout, if not, u will awaken others

(6) Mom always told me not to whistle or practice blowing my flute at night when i was younger...

(7) I made it a little patang to myself to shut the umbrella after i reach the shade on a rainy night. coz sometimes, a spirit might decide to hitch a ride with u under ur umbrella to avoid the rain but u go shut the umbrella in the rain n the spirit got wet & pissed and u'll receive a big slap from it (this happened to my friend's fren)

(8 ) During eating alone in a quiet place (maybe if u cant stand it)throw some rice over the floor n say come lets share

(9) Never walk on tip toeIt is said when a human tip toe the ghost can easily possesed it body by sliding its feet under your feet thats all

(10) Never let broom wipe over ur leg.. Bad Luk..

(11) Do not walk over a book (which is lying on floor) gonna make you STUPID !!

(12) Dont straight go in ur house when u jus come bak from the forest or jungle stay outside for 5 munites lidatThis is because in jungle they will folo if u straight in ur home ,they will live in ur home cos it's comfertable.But if u stay out for 5 min , it will go sumwhere else

(13) Dont Call Out If Smell Something Nice Or Not NiceIf ur at jungle, Sure smell smtg like sh!t or tree's smell ma.. IF SUDDENLY the Smell "very nice smell" or "fragment smell" Dont say out.. Might b things beside u, Coz ur GOODLUCK mode, So u cant c them, But u can smell their body smell..

(14) Avoid taking photographs in group of 3 people. The middle guy will be unlucky

(15) Your hair should not always cover your forehead will coz you to have bad luck..

Food / Eating habit

(1) Watch what you EAT !Seldom eat beefs or Piggy's meat.. It brings u bad luk and ez been followed by spirits.. Never touch Sheeps Meat, Cow Meats, Pig Meats, when you pray to Guan Ying .... If you eat the Meat during dat year.. Means sins ady.. . Unless you wait and pass the day of Guan Ying's Big day

(2) Do not take chopstick hit bowls..For this I know 2 versions. One is such action is some kind of curse and if you do that while dining with others, it means you are trying to curse someone. Although such cursing thing won't be believed by much people but it's still impolite to do so.The other story is knocking the bowl with chopsticks is like summoning the ghost so you can give them your offerings as respect.


(1) one more is when you sleep dont sleep like a dead body which means you sleep then both legs straight like tat and you hand also put straight at both side...dont sleep like this coz they said you sleep in this way those spirit will easily possesed into your body...try to sleep with a bit pattern XD dont like a dead corpse then enough

(2) Got pantang said that don't sleep with ur back facing the ceiling,cause if so,u'll easily get posses by spirit

(3) i think if ur bed's head is facing the side where the door is, u will feel very unsecure likdat lar, cos u never knows when somebody somes in...

>-->O <-- Door

(4) Dun face window If got window.. And the window outside was maybe.. Like.. Nothing ady.. (Means like flat de)Then U better put curtains.. to avoid smtg weirdos looking..

(5) Don't sleep with a mirror right in front of you

Mirror ---> >-->O

In front of your bed don't put m mirror, it'll drain your soul. My grandma used to tell me not to sleep infront of a mirror. i think it's either becos ur mirror image will turn evil and attempt to suck ur soul in and take over ur body, or it's becos if u wake up at night u might see something u do not want to see in the mirror...If ur mirror cover with cloth or any cotton..Its okay de.. ^^Never let it mirrored out your face when you're sleeping..

(6) Dont Sleep Facing Door At Night..

Door ---> >-->O

Never sleep with both you leg point direct towards the doorway...there is believe that only DEAD body are placed with leg facing directly towards door. You know why? if someone pass away, they family member will place his/her body head face to interior and foot face to door. Is mean he/she gonna leave this home soon. So you just have to move your bed aside as long your leg not face to door.

(7) Don't put any sharp/weapons on your bed. You won't sleep well.

Hotel.. (100% Not Secure At ALL)

(1) Pray B4 Enter Ur Room..

(2) Do Not Simply Walk Outside da Corridor After 12am..

(3) Do Not EVen Mention A Thing Of Spiritual Stuff..

(4) Do Not Joke/Scare Ur Friends (Example : Saying Dat Beside them Got Another Ppl)

(5) when u sleeping in a hotel n the tv open when it not suppose to be,or some noises keep here n there,dont panic,sit up n say look i m really tired so plz can u leave me to sleep,i knw its your room so i wont mind share the bed with u. There fore sleep on the corner of the bed

Home(Not 100% Save Coz.. Eventho Ur Hse Are Protected By God.. Some Ghost Are Harmless And They Can Enter Ur Hse Anytime..)

(1) Do Not Look Into Mirror Too Long DUring Night Times (Especially For Girls)(

2) Do Not Cut Nails After 12am.. I FORGOT TO CUT MY NAILS ! ! ! ! I'm suppose to cut it before tomorrow and i can't cut at night T.T .....Maybe i'll bite them off.Nono.. U shudn't Bite ur nails After 12am in Midnight.. Especially during Hungry Ghost Festival Night.. >.< U can hear them 1

(3) Do Not Let Ur Females Puppies Drip Their *Period* Around Ur Hse.. Wipe It A.S.A.P

(4) Do Not Bring Umbrella (Open) Into Ur Hse.. Close It B4 U Bring It Into Ur Hse..Besides prevent yourself from getting wet under the rain, it protects you from the sun as well. So basically it's a 'negative' item(yin) so inside the house while opening the umbrella means double yin, which is not good since it could somehow attract ghosts.

(5) Do Not Sit Infront Of Ur Altar..

(6) Never cut a apple infront of a mirror after 12am in the midnight??? correct mi if i am wrongI only heard when you skin the apple in front of mirror at night you will see your future husband or wife. the apple skin must not be broken during the cutting process

(7) When you put your clothes inside the cupboard dont leave any space there although you have just few clothes because those thing like to hide inside there because it is dark and like comfortable place for them.

(8 ) Do not sing when u r bathing (maybe they hate those ppl wif nasty voices )

(9) The old type of kitchen..which where the place we put all the pots one. Girlis not allow to stand on that place..but boy is allow hehe maybe last time the girl have lower position in the society kua

(10) Do not bring a book or newspaper to read while you're inside toilet doing "business"...or else the GOD of Intelligent will get angry with you for all the bad smell...

(11) Dont Play Around The Corner Of The Wall In A Dark Room Cause Buddy ALways Stays In There..

(12) Make sure your room have enough light. (Sad... I love darkness)

(13) Do not try to face the mirror on midnight and speak out 3 or 13 times(not sure) "Bloody Mary"! Some people did that, dunno what happen to them

(14) place horse shoe at the Hall. it will bring Good luck !

(15) Don't worship up to 3 different GODs at home. ( 1 or 2 is okay...3 or more = problem)If u bring 3 GOD on urself, Can cause Arguement between gods.. Coz diFF GOD, Diff Religions..Did u ever c any buddha God in Hindus Temple? Or Jesus Church Inside Got Buddha's statue?^^They not "FIGHT" like human Fight la.. They will causes the user of these diff God messy, Emotion being disturbed.. Dayday whole brain messy..

(16) Mum saying "Wear" GOD on oneself as protection....cannot to many alsoExample : Wear amulet + jesus cross + siam's socket = Ur emotion sure dayday beh song 1.. Like smtg ganggu u.. Mum kena b4 also.. I dont trust my mum end up i dayday ez angry and alwiz moody -.-" But i dono y i moody, Ntg make me moody.. After took off all nia, I feel like WHOLE burden taken off.. o.O I get to noe this thru Siam's Monk.. He told me 1 person cannot wear "nombor genap"'s socket, --> 3,5,7 cannot 2,4,6 dats why ppl wear socket they wear either 3,5, or 7.. And cannot wear diff religion de..If Ur wearing "Protect U from evilish Sam Poh+Study Good+Got Girl's fate" <--- Liddat nvm..If ur wearing "Protect U From Evilish Sam Poh x 5 or 7 or 3, U will start blur, Emotions not good.. Do things not smooth"If still dont belief, Do self experience.. ^^

(17) When someone is calling your name while you are inside your house, dont get happy or excited or scared, calm yourself down and open the door... if u get too excited like too happy or scared, your own spirits separated and its easy to be caught by other spirits...

Jungle (90% Dangerous.. Coz Mostly All Wanderer Would Love To Stick There)

(1) Do Not Call Ur Friends Name There.. (Wei,Ei,Oi Is Accepted)When you are alone in the night where surronding environment dont have any people but suddenly got people call your name...dont ever turn your head back and see wat happened coz when you turn your of your fire which guard you will off...every person have three fire which is on the top of your head and the rest on your right and left hand.

(2) Pray B4 Ur 1st Step to Enter the Jungle..

(3) Do Not Scold Bad Words..

(4) Do Not Make Fun Inside Area Of JunGle..

(5) Do Not Simply Pluck Flowers Or Any Strange Plants Inside da Jungle And Bring Back Home..

(6) Whenever u're at the mountain area... "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photograph" Respect the spirits that resides there

(7) Dont Play Under Trees Especially Those Full With The Thing Hanging Down De And Looks Old De..

(8 ) Dont wander around alone

(9) If u smell strawberry smell in the middle of a forest or jungle..RUN
* refer to General Guides (12)

(10) NEVER shine your touchlight at trees

(11) U can usually see ghost in a jungle near waterfall due to the sounds frequency of the water...

(12) when walking alone and someone is yelling your name, never go to the sounds direction but continue to reach your destination!

Road Side (100% Not Save After 12am..)

(1) Do Not Pee Around.. ( MOST IMPORTANT)i usually do that during trip to a resort,and always pee at grass,before i do that i always said siam har siam,(hokkien)means excuse me excuse me or split split. Someone said you can do so, before pee said these polite.."Could you excuse me, I gonna pee here. Urgent." Yea.. My Mummy Also Told Me That Say Excuse Me All Those Or Call Them To Move Away Cause Of Emergency.. I Do That Till Now.. Sometime CAnnot Tahan Till Before I Say Finish The Word Then I Already Pee Lor.. Lols !!

(2) Do Not ANSWER Anyone Who Called Ur Name During Ur Alone! Do Not Turn Back!

(3) Do Not Pick Up Any Coins On da RoadSides..

(4) Do Not InSult Wanderer Cats On Da RoadSide..

(5) Dont simple spit

(6) Do not stop by the roadside when there's some1 calling for ur help, no1 wud nid ur help on the mountains.

(7) Dont step on ANY ashes / offerings NEVER steps on the hellnotes dat had burned or havent burned..

(8 ) Never cut ur own hair in da mid road or anyhow cut.. Causes spirits stick to u.. ><" Go hair saloon nvm..

(9) Dont go DARKY and "Seldom got human walk pass" 1 place..


(1) Pray If U Walked,Drive Beside Graveyard Place..

(2) When u at graveyard.. Dont simply talk and facing the grave.. Or else the spirits follow u 1..

(3) about the graveyard thing doesnt matter morning or afternoon,if u see a pretty girl pix of her graveyard dont ever say aiyo sayang she so pretty,if not can be my wife,if not she follow u home. U also saw in newpaper? A guy soooo itchy mouth.. Said dat the girl so leng.. Be my wife good lor.. So unlucky.. The girl followed him almost 2 weeks until 1 day he realize ady.. Too late..

(4) Do Not Blow Off Candles At Cemetery..

(5) Do not simply step on ppl's graveyard above..A tomb is a home for the dead and by stepping on it, you are intruding others privacy and that's really bad.

Night spot entertainment places

(1) Disco and pub alot of this "good buddy" coz they like the dark and ying energy there so go to those places alot, if tat day you are unlucky then maybe they will treat you drink chevas LOL.Yah..Disco especially..Those spirits most love to go those kinda place..Its darky.. And "Ying" Suitable for them to be there..

Ways of Protection

(1) as long as u have some holy water n whenever u see just use your fingers with the thumb the 2nd n third altogether n use your finger to do a sign cross in mid air and say begone!

(2) recite the bible with the holy water in your hands n begins-our father which are in heaven,hallowed be thy name,thy will be done.....etc etc

(3) protect ur cash from toyolPut red cloth and cover it.. B4 goin in the casinos.. And avoid toyol from touching it.. make sure ur cloth has beeen washed by lime water.. PURE lime..When U go casino.. Make sure u bring candies and Red cloth inside ur pocket.. And when u gamble.. throw those candies under da table.. So da baby notti spirits wont disturb u when ur gambling.. And red cloth for safety.. Beware ! And those baby spitis alwiz stay below the casino tables.. Juz to aim ur pocket.. And bring u to death.. Those who are greedy.. Win ady still wan win more.. = End up die only..Bco those baby spirits can touch those unlucky + greedy ppl.. They manage pull ur leg and make u feel.. like "Aiya.. Stay awhile and win more since my luk so good" End up..Lost all..

(4) If you feel that dirty thing had disturb you , you can go to temple for a pray or get a fuu (charm to make u lucky or safety)

(5) Always remember this word if you have not anyting gulity or wrong ,then you can have peace of mind.There is a word called "Pat Chi Cheh Pat Chui" = *Innocents can be Forgiven*

(6) Put something sharp or something silver in your pocket will prevent sprit to disturb youU noe got 1 Penknife got cover 1? Take dat 1.. Its for safety..Prevent Malay Spirits Go near u..So Silvery sharp things can help abit.. *Was COMFIRM by my fren de mum(malay de)*

(7) Always believe that not only humans scared of ghosts and spirits, they scared of us too!

Event Activity

Chinese New Year

(1) On the first day of CNY mom always tell me not to call/shout for my doggie. coz she say it is not good to call out to something that might not respond to u in the morning...

(2) Do not sweep during CNY or b4 the CNY day..Never use a broom ...its gonna wipe away all your wealth $$.A commonly well known taboo for Chinese. Mostly you can't sweep on the first day because if you do that, you will sweep away the good fortune as well so before Chinese New Year, they do it first or the second day of Chinese New Year.

Thaipusam festival

(1) The festivals was.. Smahsing coconuts on da floor and let the BIGGEST Godness walk thru.. 1st cocobut u muz make wishes while holding the coconut.. And after making the wishes.. U MUZ SMASH THE COCNUT ONTO THE FLOOR AND MAKE SURE IT BREAK INTO PIECES!! Only ur wish can come true.. Very fun 1.. Whole road full of ppl smashing the coconuts and the water splash up reli enjoyable.. p/s : Small size coconut.. Not the BIG 1..

Ghost Festival (Cheng Meng)

(1) When ChingMing (Mandarin) After Pray Dont Look Back To The Place Where You've Prayed Cause Those Buddy Is Grabbing The Food..


(1) During funeral...alot ppl say that black cat is not allow to hop or jump over the coffin...( if its jump over the coffin then horrible thing will happen....) i think u know wat horrible thing i refering to rite???(black cat look very fierce and have very strong ( Sa Qi ) in chinese)

(2) Do not touch dead ppl's coffin (IF ur not hes relative)..I don't know about this but obviously a coffin is something 'dirty' so it's better that you don't touch it (if there's an 'owner' in it), especially you are not his/her friend or anything.