Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle on Britains Got Talent 2009!! Incredible Voice!!

Quote from Yahoo Video...

"I am so touched and I cried; especially when it is my favourite song. Susan you are so inspiring. "

omarar22 :
" I cried when I hear she sings.It's a very touching scene cos the audience laugh when she told them her age.She is very courageous and try to overcome Simon question with a joke.I simply love her for her tenacity in achieving her dream to perform in a large audiences.That is the human spirit and a good English uumph!"

"got goosebumps watching this and put tears in my eyes.. i'm really stunned by her voice. why haven't she dicovered at an early age? this only opens an eye to everyone that we should not lose hope and continue dreaming whether your young or old... she really is an "OLD TIGER".. benjie from the Philippines "

"OW! it's a real surprise for most people who often judge people on the outside appearance, you really OPEN the eyes of people who ignore people like u with such a huge TALENT. Hope by seeing you may there be more people like you who will go out & take chances for the world to know that YOU Susan deserves the best. YOU MADE ME CRY I AM HAPPY THAT ALL JUDGES APPRECIATE YOU AS A PERSON BUT A WONDERFUL SINGER. Best wishes for a new career ahead of you... "