Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Train Coaster

A group of ingenious, industrious young kids build a HUGE loop next to the railroad tracks and reroute a train to go around the loop! Amazingly, it comes off without a hitch! lol

I cannot believe what i see !!! Amazing ~~

Amazing Magic Trick - Saw into half !!

An incredible bit of magic! (If anyone knows how this trick was done, please leave a comment!) It's AWESOME!

Funny - Funny Videos

Spolier (a logical explaination ..??)

It seems to me that the guy who gets cut in half is a contortionist his legs are curled up next to him thats why he seems fat and then he just sticks his legs in the pants or whatever at the pretty sure he has his legs curled up the whole time thats why you never see him move in the begining and they can move him like they do and also thats why the magician blocks his waist when they are "putting him back together"
~ Superjim ,

Armless Guitar - Toe Jam

Dude with no arms plays a mean guitar and sings too! Check it out. He's awesome!

Costume Man !

This guy LIVES on & WEARS other people's junk. He thinks he's making a point, but it seems to me that he's just NUTS! lol

World Class Pizza Twirling

This guy is one GREAT pizza twirler! Best I've seen!

Girl With Crystals In Her Eyes

12 year old girl spits razor sharp crystals out of her eyes! ANd they don't hurt her eyes! REALLY!

Invisible Wrestler

Wrestling with the invisible....Guess who is the winner ?

Bowler With NO Arms

WOW! What an inspiration! Dude out on the lanes bowling (better than me) .... and he's got NO ARMS! Awesome!

COOL Digital Waterfall display show

Digital waterfall that allows you to display almost anything in WATER! This has got to cost a WHOLE BUNCH of $$$!

Soccer Ball Tricks

Street entertainer shows his skills with a soccer ball. And boy is he GOOD!