Monday, September 17, 2012

A+++ Karoke LIVE !

This is one of the most impressive displays of raw talent you will ever see. A random South-East Asian girl steps up to a karaoke machine in a store in front of a grocery shop and sings Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You. She absolutely floors everyone! A must see! She is Zendee Rose Tenerefe from the Philippines. She's now a mainstay performer at SOP, a Sunday entertainment tv program here in the Philippines . . .

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lost Tapes - Aliens - 怪獸檔案:外星來客 (Eng Dup , Chinese Sub)

2009年由 Discovery Channel 播映的節目《怪獸檔案 - 第二季:外星來客(Lost Tapes - Season 2:Alien)》

World's most haunted hotels

Home to the paranormal and unexplained, haunted hotels never fail to fascinate even the biggest sceptics.These ghostly tales from hotels around the world are enough to send shivers down the spine of even the bravest soul.

First World Hotel (Genting Highlands, Malaysia)
No stranger to the locals, Genting Highlands is said to be one of the most haunted places in Malaysia. Also home to the famous casino resort, there has been numerous gambling-related suicides over the years. First World Hotel is infamous for its paranormal activities - guests who have stayed there would hear wailing spirits in the middle of the night, some have even seen ghostly apparitions jumping over the cliff only to vanish into thin air - the most famous account is a headless woman roaming around the corridor, apparently looking for her missing head.


Ston Easton Park (Somerset, UK)

This magnificent Palladian hotel in Somerset is home to the ghost of a murdered parlour maid who is said to stalk the top floor till this day.


Macdonald Berystede Hotel & Spa (Berkshire, UK)

Situated only ten minutes away from Windsor, the hotel is inhabited by the 'Blue Lady'; a chambermaid who died in a horrific fire while trying to retrieve her Madame’s jewels.

The Ancient Ram Inn (Gloucestershire, UK )

Built around 1145 over a 5000 year old pagan burial ground, the inn is the oldest building in Wotton-Under-Edge and is infamous for its highly active paranormal activities.

Grand Hyatt (Taipei, Taiwan)
It is said that the hotel was built on a World War II prison camp where hundreds of people were imprisoned and killed. Ghostly figures roaming the corridors and strange noises coming from unoccupied rooms are some of the spooky encounters reported here.

Sagamore Hotel (New York, US)

Situated in the unspoiled Adirondack Mountains, it is said to be the haunted home to several lost spirits, including that of a little boy roaming the golf course.

Asia Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)

With dimly lit corridors and lights that flicker in the middle of the night, many hotel guests have encountered ghostly apparitions sitting on a sofa, staring at them and then vanish into thin air.

Crescent Hotel (Arkansas, US)

The Crescent Hotel gained national notoriety after being featured on paranormal series “Ghost Hunters” and was certified haunted by the show’s experts.

The Roosevelt Hotel (Los Angeles, US)

The living A-lists haunt the Chateau Marmont, while for the celebs of the underworld, like Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift, chose The Roosevelt as their favourite joint.

The Taj Mahal Palace (Mumbai, India)

The Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai is said to be haunted by her late Chief Engineer, W.A. Chambers who died of a broken heart after discovering the palace was not built according to his original designs. According to hotel employees and guests, his spirit can be found roaming in the old wing of the hotel.

Hotel del Coronado (San Diego, California, US)

The most famous haunting is the story of Kate Morgan who checked into room 302; her dead body was found six days later on the steps to the beach in front of the hotel.

The Stanley Hotel (Colarado, US)

Room 217 was apparently the inspiration behind the successful novel “The Shining” by acclaimed horror author, Stephen King.

Provincial Hotel (New Orleans, US)

Building #5 is said to be the most haunted area in the hotel. Guests have reportedly seen dead soldiers lying in a pool of blood screaming in pain and subsequently vanish the moment lights are turned on.
Source : Yahoo news (Sept 2012)