Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DIY - Drawing on Car (Singapore)

Using Correction pen - "Liquid paper " style !

Shouldn't they use a tow truck?

A STOMPer saw a peculiar sight along the KJE -- a small car being carried away at the back of a pickup.

He says:

"I just saw a strange thing on the highway along KJE exit towards BKE, which I think was very dangerous.

"A small van car was carried on the pickup truck.

"Is it allowed to do so by LTA (Land Transport Authory)?

"I wonder why they didn't use a tow truck.

"It's very dangerous."The truck could have overturned anytime if it had been overloaded."

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"Godzilla" blocks sunrise (Singapore)

While strolling along Sembawang Beach on Sunday (Oct 12 2008) morning, STOMPer Muky caught a glimpse of this ‘Godzilla’-shaped cloud which was blocking the sunrise.
The STOMPer wrote: “I would just like to share what I have captured on Sunday morning while watching the sunrise at Sembawang Beach. “Apparently, the sun was blocked by a huge cloud that is shape like the monster ‘Godzilla’.”
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Ice Caves

Huge entrance on the Khumbu Glacier in Nepal. Scalloped walls indicate erosion by air currents.

This passage under the Ngozumpa glacier reveals a classic phreatic-vadose transition.

Victoria Land, Antarctica