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anti-Smoking Ceiling

Quit smoking

Rubi Cube - single hand completed , 20 sec !

Size of our Solar system plannets

Size in proper order starting from Sun (Largest) to Pluto (smallest)

Sun > Jupiter > Saturn > Uranus > Nepture > Earth > Venus > Mars > Mercury > Pluto

In year 2006 , Pluto had been dropped out from solar system.

WOW !! see how huge is the sun !!

Gundam (7m x 3m) - Japan

Some Hardcore Gundam fan used 10 months to build this huge robot , even had a very realistic seat. It actually can be power up to move ~ !!

Source : (in Japanese)

3D Object

Tumor-girl (Vietnam)

Fifteen-year-old Lai Thi Dao waves to members of the media as she leaves Jackson Memorial Medical Center after a news conference Tuesday, April 22, 2008, in Miami.

The Vietnamese girl has a 16-pound facial tumor and is in Miami awaiting surgery that will restore her ability to eat and speak. Doctors say the tumor threatens to suffocate Lai. They will remove the tumor in a 10-hour surgery on April 29 in US

These handout photos are courtesy of the University of Miami School of Medicine, in Miami, Florida shows an extremely large tumor that has severely deformed the face of fifteen year-old Lai Thi Dao from Vietnam. US doctors are due to remove from the Vietnamese girl a 16-pound (seven-kilo) tumor thought to be one of the largest of its kind on record.

Dr. Robert Marx, left, points to a CT scan of fifteen-year-old Lai Thi Dao during a news conference at the Jackson Memorial Medical Center Tuesday, April 22, 2008 in Miami.
The Vietnamese girl, center, has a 16-pound facial tumor and is in Miami awaiting surgery that will restore her ability to eat and speak. Doctors say the tumor threatens to suffocate Lai. They will remove the tumor in a 10-hour surgery on April 29. Behind Dao is her mother Tuyet Van, and sponsor Geoffrey Le of Fort Worth, Tx., and holding the scan is Dr. Jesus Gomez

100-meter-long wedding gown(Shanghai ,China)

Miss Taiwan Xu Surong, poses for a photo in a 100-meter-long wedding gown during a wedding culture exhibition in east China's Shanghai, May 5, 2007

The World's most amazing Basketball Shot

Human Tertis 4

High Tech Bicycle parking (Japan)

Aerobic balance

How to convert a T-shirt --> Sexy Dress ?

Green Demon on top of tree

Love 2008

Amazing wrestling match with CHAIR !!

You ask for chair ? you are ...WOW !!

Twister within a soccer game(Japan)

Out of come the Huge dust devil in a soccer game !!

EVP Ghost voices

Ghost logic discovered, we are now one more step closer to paranormal...

Ghost could be explained by science, they called it brain electric wave left by human after died, we could see them when our brain electric wave frequency same with the spirit brain electric wave frequency. do you watch the EVP ( electronic voice phenomena ) news yet? we can listen to ghost voice through that way, i have a very senseless question, why they never talk like us (craping...)? why what we listen only some meaning word? spirit expressing with brain electric wave , they could read our mind by knowing our brain electric wave frequency, they saw us.

When we accept the logic above, i treasured another interest logic. when we fear, our brain electric wave will weaker. when we are weaker then ghost brain electric wave, we losed. and they could possessed us by using their brain electric wave to our brain. when we saw them talk to us, or we cant move, or having illusion, that was their brain electric wave ability, because what they left now only brain electric wave without fleshed. they are still suffering from the pain of death, because their brain electric wave cannot change or update anymore after they died, because they had no brain to work it. we still able to change and update, and the only things we think is about our fleshed, how we going to be more muchle or more comfortable.there is some psycical people, rarely existance in this world, who train their brain electric wave, do you saw ppl curved a spoon by only look at the spoon? those ppl already forgot their flesh existance, like a spirit do.

if we exchange science to religion about logic above, brain electric wave i consider it strengh of spirit.

why vengeful spirit able to harm human directly? the brain electric wave they left at this world are full with hate, our brain electric wave increase when we hate, angry or happy too, decrease when we fear, and our brain electric wave frequency messed when we sad. change all the 'brain electric wave' to 'strengh of spirit' in current paragrave if you still dont understand.

this is EVP news ( electronic voice phenomena )

More information :

Quote from : RO-G 'Jade Emperor' date='Mar 30 2007


1) There are many possible reasons. First, our mind power may be strong or we don't have the ability to see them or receive their message. Second, it's just as normal like "Why don't you talk to someone on the street(or anywhere)?" They may not know us and may have nothing to talk. But this also involved some of our passed relatives or friend, the reasons are

(a)They reincarnated,

(b)They doesn't have chance to meet us ,

(c)We can't receive them or many more other reasons.

2)Once a french doctor made an experiment. He went to the execution room and look at a prisoner which's going to beheaded. After he was beheaded, the doctor call the prisoner's name and it did respond to the doctor(looking at him) and the head was completely still after 2 second. As we can see, the suffering will be with us until we died( if the brain's dead, the whole person is dead). Mind power is very strong once you could activated it. I heard that a woman in japan lifted a car to save her baby(or child?). People were astonished and after that, she couldn't do that anymore. So we all can feel the power of will and mind.

3) Science and religion should research together in the past because we could discover more strange phenomenon by combining 2 knowledge together. Our mind are complex thus created many wonderful and awful thing in this world. We can actually change ourselves and manage our energy.

~ RO-G 'Phillus' date='Mar 30 2007

Need to move fast ?

Door sales at a PEEP

Naked News Advertising

Flower Art

Tree Restaurant (Japan)

Penis Worship (Japan)

A very grand Wedding

Rice served with "Toilet Bowl"

Nice fried you still have the appetite to eat it ?

Human Brush

It's a big brush ?

No~ ! That is a woman wrapped like a mummy...

This china woman willingly to sacrifice her beautiful hair for the sake of ARTISTIC ink painting.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tea Cup balcony (Japan)

A building in Japan that has a strange balcony as tea cups

Huge Sewage (Tokyo , Japan)

The biggest sewage in the world is in Tokyo

A huge truck looks so tiny and small in the sewage channel

Red carpet city (Switzerland)

A city in Switzerland is covering the city center with red carpet

Longest Bus

The longest bus in the world is in China

Long is: 25 M

Have 5 doors

And can carry 300 passengers

Floating boat ( at Maldives)

Clear sea water in Maldives you think that the boat is floating in the air

Japanese Atlantis (Japan)

Come dive with us to the "Sea God's Palace" , one of the world's greatest mysteries....

This site is underwater since -10.000 b.c. and there's not the slightest clue about a civilisation able to build such a structure at such a date.

Yonaguni is the name of the westermost island of Japan


Real or Fake ?

Highlight : Giants and Aliens

Super clear UFO seen

UFO sighting in Nanjing, China
UFO "vanished" or speed off at ultra hyper speed in split ~

UFO sighting caught on tv

UFO in Costa Rica

Cape Of Good Hope UFO
Here is a very vivid UFO filmed on a beach in Cape Of Good Hope South Africa in 2003.

ufo seen in world trade center

Alien Landing in Woods - Close Encounters with UFO's - Aliens

Family Encounters Aliens - During Birthday Party Aliens land in the woods behind their house, 2 guys go out to check on what they think is a crashed plane, turns out to be an Alien Spaceship with little guys standing outside of it!

Ghost sighting in Singapore

Hotel Elevator Ghost

security footage took this in an elevator in Singapore, watch the lower right screen.

Real ghost recently sighted and mysteriously caught on a 4-channel CCTV ( with actual digital time recording ). This happened in a hotel's elevator, Singapore! Watch closely the light that appears behind the guy's back in the elevator and then the emergence of a figure. You can make your own judgment whether it is fake or an incredible, scary, rare sighting.

Ghost Caught On Camera At Singapore Nanyang University

Something invisable playing the swing...

ghost in Bedok, Singapore
This guy take a video around his rented house before he shift out and accidentally see a girl in his house and disappear immediately.

The two-headed cat

T-Shirt Man

155 T-Shirts at 1 single go !!

size varies from small to 10XL

takes 4 hours to complete this mission that add up extra 100 pounds !

BIG little girl - Jessica

Her name is Jessica

She is 5 years old but weight 200 pounds

Now...she is 7 years old and her weight is 400 pound ~~

This is The worlds biggest 7 year old. The poor girl cant walk and has to shuffle along like a Walruss and can take 35 minutes to climb up onto a chair. Things started to go bad due in part by her mother feeding her giant pizzas which would definitely feed at least 8 adults andf coming fom Germant, the land of chocolate doesn't help. Her brother is famous for his role in the new Charly and the Chocolate Factory Film. Luckily she did not succumb to the same fate as her brother and has now slimmed down and won the Miss Bavarian Beauty Teen Princess Pageant and is set to live happily ever after.

747 phane landing

Watch out !! Its coming ....

Train Pusher (Japan)

Make sure the train is fully loaded before it leave the station.

Hugs And Kisses from the Lion

Is the Lion going to EAT him ?? HELP !

No no this video to fnd out !

Where the Hell is Matt?

14 months, thats how long Matt took to travel to 42 countries just to do hi funny dance, and a cast of thousands locals joined him too.

Watch the video , see if he's been to your country . .Oh yeah , he've been to my country (Singapore)!

Nice music , nice dance ...nice travel the world adventure , THUMB UP for Matt

Transforming Paper Box

Yeah ~ its tranformers !! View to the ending for the mega huge "all-in-1" combined transformer ~ WOW

(on your speaker for the nice background song)

UFO attack earth !!

The UFO came ...Green tiny Aliens went out saucer start to transform into....

New Spainish Bull fight

I can bet that you will be amazed ~

No arm swimmer take part in contest

He come in 1st !!

Theme : Animal Fight

These 2 videos are from a Japanese drink advertisement. The weak prey become the winner..hehe

Fish Versus Bird

Mantis versus Butterfly

Fish Attack !!

Imagine you can come here to catch lots of fishes without even using any nets or fishing rods...just need to beware of their mass attack !! haha

Amazing Curry selling restaurant (Japan)

Come , see and experience yourself !

Video with Chinese sub-title

Quick change in 1 minute !

Smallest Girl in India

Talking Cat

Hello ...hello ~~

Eye in the sky

Predictions of the coming Disaster


cherish your love ones everyday as if there's no tomorrow....

Mr. Juseleeno, born in 1960 (reportedly still alive in 2008), is a Brazilian who has made many predictions, and MOST have come to pass, including Princess Diana’s death by car accident (which is instigated by someone near her and will probably unfortunately be written off as a car accident), 911 and the 2004 Indonesian tsunami. He sees the future in his dreams, and has an average of 3 to 9 such predictions per day. When he wakes up, he will write them down, and send warnings to those concerned. If it concerns only a normal individual, he will write a letter to warn him/her. If it is a famous person(celebrity, politician etc.), or matters concerning the public, he will not only send it to the individual himself/herself, but also related agencies, government, and media. He urged the media to publicise these predictions, but the reply always went along the lines of rejection for fear of arousing public panic.

Future predictions:

2008, July: There will be an earthquake in Japan, which will cause a tsunami of 30 plus metres high to occur as well.

2008, 18th September: An earthquake with magnitude of approximately 9.1 will rock China , simultaneously causing a tsunami of more than 30 metres to occur, resulting in the deaths of more than 1 million people. Although this huge earthquake will happen after the Olympics have ended, there will be a series of relatively smaller earthquakes occurring in China before the huge earthquake. The China government, which is more concerned with the success of the Olympics, will most likely neglect to employ appropriate cautionary measures, thus the high casualty rate. If the China government does not publicise the occurrence of these minor earthquakes and evacuate people, the number of deaths will be as predicted.

2008, 17th December: terrorist attack in America

2010: The temperatures in some countries of Africa could be as high as 58 degrees Celsius, and there will be a serious shortage of water.

2010, 15th June: The New York Stock Exchange market will fail, causing an international financial crisis.

2011: The research on the treatment of some cancers will be completed, but a new life-threatening virus will appear. People who are infected will die after only approx. 4 hours of coming into contact with the virus.

2013, 1st – 25th November: Research on treatment of cancers, except for brain tumors, will be completed. An earthquake, caused by volcanic eruptions, will happen on Bahama Island of the Canary Islands. A gigantic tsunami of roughly 150 metres will result. America mainlands, Brazil etc. will be affected, with the tsunami pushing into the land as far as 15 to 20 kilometres. Before the occurrence of this gigantic tsunami, the sea/ocean water levels will sink by about 6 metres, and large flocks of birds will start to migrate.

2014: A small planet that has been gradually closing in on Earth might eventually collide with Earth, and this collision, if come to pass, will affect the survival of humans as a whole.

2015: By the mid of November, the average temperature of Earth could be as high as 59 degrees Celsius. Many people will die from the overheat, and international confusion and terror ensues.

2016, April: A huge typhoon will invade China, causing massive damage. The 43rd USA president, George Walker Bush, will enter the hospital, and faces a life or death situation.

2026, July: A super earthquake will occur in Sans Francisco, and it will be named “The Big One”. Huge damage to surrounding areas. Many volcanoes will re-activate, and the height of resulting tsunami will be more than 150 metres.

Mr. Juseleeno made known his predictions in hopes that people will take heed of his warnings, so that these disasters may be avoided. He hopes there will be a major change in the thinking of people’s mindsets in the time period 2007 – 2008. One factor will be the environmental issue of global warming, which is more serious than what some meteorologists assume.


Chinese Translation


Mr. Juseleeno是巴西的一名預言家,他出生於1960年,今年47嵗。曾預言過許許多多的世界性的災害與事件,包括:九一一事件、伊拉克戰敗後海珊總統被捕被判刑、印尼囌門答臘海上大地震與印度洋海嘯、羅馬教王保羅二世辭世等等。



2008年的7月: 日本會發生地震,同時會引起30米以上的大海嘯。12月17日美國會發生恐怖事件。

2008年9月18日: 中國將發生超強烈9.1級大地震,其震源地在南寧與海南島,同時也會引發30米以上的大海嘯,造成數百萬以上的人遇難死亡。

雖然中國是在奧林匹克運動會結束之後才會發生地震,但9.1級的大地震之前會有頻繁的小地震發生,中國政府只顧面子以世界運動會之成功與否為最優先考量的話,而忽視了頻繁的前震,事前都沒有做任何對策的可能性很高。中國政府也許會根據情況而發佈報導管制將預兆的前震之發生對內於對外一切封閉。如此的做法絕對會如預言所述災害慘重。Mr. Time Trabeler John Taiter的遺言:“2004年在希臘雅典舉行的奧林匹克是最後的一次。”






2026年:7月舊金山會發生超巨大地震被稱爲“The Big One”聖安德列斯大斷層會被破壞,加州會崩垮掉。很多火山口會重新開啓,海嘯的高度也會超過150米。



Hand of a baby...MUST SEE...

Warning : The following pictures shown below have contents of blood and may be discomfort for viewing.

The picture is that of a 21-week-old unborn baby named Samuel Alexander Armas, who is being operated on by surgeon named Joseph Bruner.

The baby was diagnosed with spina bifida and would not survive if removed from his mother's womb. Little Samuel's mother, Julie Armas, is an obstetrics nurse in Atlanta She knew of Dr. Bruner's remarkable surgical procedure. Practicing at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville , he performs these special operations while the baby is still in the womb.

During the procedure, the doctor removes the uterus via C-section and makes a small incision to operate on the baby. As Dr.Bruner completed the surgery on Samuel, the little guy reached his tiny, but fully developed hand through the incision and firmly grasped the surgeon's finger. Dr..Bruner was reported as saying that when his finger was grasped, it was the most emotional moment of his life, and that for an instant during the procedure he was just frozen, totally immobile.

The photograph captures this amazing event with perfect clarity. The editors titled the picture, 'Hand of Hope.' The text explaining the picture begins, 'The tiny hand of 21-week- old fetus Samuel Alexander Armas emerges from the mother's uterus to grasp the finger of Dr. Joseph Bruner as if thanking the doctor for the gift of life.'

Little Samuel's mother said they 'wept for days' when they saw the picture. Sh e said, 'The photo reminds us pregnancy isn't about disability or an illness, it's about a little person.' Samuel was born in perfect health, the operation 100 percentsuccessful. Now see the actual picture, and how awesome and completely incredible it is... pass it on. The world needs to see this one!

Guangdong (China) marriage - Gold Decorations