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Fish that does trick

Panda sneeze ~~

Dracula castle and story

about dracula aka. Count Dracul III Vlad Tepes(real name), he is Lord of Wallachia and rule on Transylvania (Romania).

He is actually a human, since his wife been sue as heretic and burn on crucifix. He start take revenge on those whom drop execution on his wife. Many of them been peneutral with spear, he take their blood and drip with bread and eat(hello, not oreo here).

When he die, he been buried someway. Romanian want to take Count Dracula's Dragon Crest which the Royal Crest for Supreme Harsburg family in Austria. When they open the coffin, Dracul's body is missing. They believe Count Dracula become vampire and hunt for his prey during night fall. Until now, Dracul's body missing still a mystery.

Here is his castle location url

"No Vampire" theory

A American Scientist declare that there is no such thing as Vampire !!

Otherwsie, there will be no more human being ....

This is his opinion theory :

Accordingly to legends , a man bitten by a vampire will also become another vampire as a result. This scientist mentioned that assume the entire world population at yr 1600 have about 5.37 billion of people

then that time appear 1 vampire and every month, he find 1 human to drink its blood, thus making another new vampire.The new vampire same thing also go bite another victim once a month...the cycle contiunes...

Base on calculation , by 2 years ,7 months , the whole world will be no more human being ,all will turn to vapire at this rate.

==>Sounds logic ?? but believe it or not,,,up to you..

Vampire , Dracula, Do you think IT really exist ?

A Bloodthirsty Being

In all stories, whether folktales or eyewitness accounts ,vampires always thirst for blood. A vampire will drink the blood of an animal when necessary, but always prefers human blood. This is one of the most terrifying charactristics of a vampire. The vampire drinks blood to acquire the victim's energy. Without regular feedings,a vampire will grow weak and eventually die.

Avoiding attack
One common method during the 16th and 17th centuries was hanging garlic bty the door or window or wearing a string of it around one's neck. Vampire experts believe the strong scent of garlic is offensive to vampires and will keep them from attacking

Christian symbols ,such as the crucifix and holy water ,were also thought to be extremely offensive to vampires and had long been used to drive them away

Some stories even suggested that scattering seeds near a vampire offered protection. Most vampires of folklore were obessed wih cleanliness and could not pass the seeds without stopping to count everyone. This gave a potential victim time to escape

Accordinging to most stories, the only real protection against a vampire was to destory it. Centuries ago, people believe they could destroy a vampire by cutting off its head or burning its body. they also relied on vampire hunters.

The vampire hunter entered a graveyard at night armed with a gun loaded with a silver bullet. shooting a vampire with this special bullet was thought to be a sure way to kill it

Another sure way to kill a vampire was to drive a wooden stake through its heart. This well-known method of slaying a vampire dates back centuries.

Do vampires exist ???

Arnold Paole was the subject of a famous 18th century vampire scare. A former soldier , Paole lived in the Serbian town of Medvegia. He was hardworking farmer who was known for being honest and good-natured. In 1727 , when Paole was in his early twenties ,people began noticing a change in him. Those who saw him said he appeared to be troubled. Paole soon confessed that a vampire had bitten him when he was serving in the army. He claimed to have followed the vampire back to its grave and killed it. In an effort to remove the curse, he ate sme of the dirt at the grave and tasted the vampire 's blood. Even after taking these precautions , he was still convinced he would turn into vampire. A week after his confession ,he died in an accident and was buried immediately.

Within a month of his burial ,people reported seeing visions of Paole. 4 people who claimed to have sen him died a short time later. anic spread through the village. 0 days after Paole's death ,community leaders and 2 military surgeons opened his grave. They expected to find nothing unusual ,and they hoped this would calm fears in the village

Instead they were alarmed by Paole's appearance. His body showed little sign of decay ,and he appeared to have fresh blood around his mouth.the corpse also appeared to have newly grown fingernails. As a precaution ,they drove a stake into his chest. when hey did this ,they reported , a loud groan arose from the corpse. Convinced he was a vampire ,they burned his body to prevent him from returning from his grave again


Long ao, people probably thought that to "receive it ,through drinking or magical infusions ,can restore lost power ,heal mortal wounds ,and great eternal life"

Historians believe this is the reason Elizabeth Bathory ,a Hungarian nolewoman born in 1560 ,desired the blood of others. She tortured and killed more than 600 young women and girls in hpes that their blood would restore her lost youth. she bathed in and drank their blood ,believing it would make her skin smoother and younger looking. While Bathory was not undead, she has been called a living vampire

Peter Plogojowitz

Around the same time as the Paole case ,another famous vamoire case occurred in a prt of Serbia that is now in Hungrary. This happened in 1728. 3 days after plogojowotz's death at the age of 62 ,he reportedly shocked his family by returning to his house. He asked his son for food, which he received and ate and then left. 2 nights later he again returned looking for food but was turned way. The son was found dead the next day. Several days later , some of the villagers fell ill with exhaustion. they were all diagnosed with a large loss of blood. They began having nightmares that Plogojowitz was atacing them in their sleep. The next week, 9 of the people died from the mysterious illness. Fear of vampirism fripped the village.

A mlitary commander was brought in to investigate the case. He mmediately ordered the graves of Plogojowitz and his supposed victims dug up and opened. all of the dead bodies appeared normal except Plogojowitz's. his corpse appeared to be in a trance. His eyes were wide open ,and he was said to be breathing faintly. Most frightening was the fresh blood smeared around his mouth. the commander quickly ruled Plogojowitz a vampire and had someone drive a stake through his chest. to complete the destruction ,the villagers burned his corpse. Afterward ,there were no further reports of Plogojowitz terrorizing the community

Vampire of Croglin Grange

Nearly 150 years later ,author august Hare investigated a story about a vapire encounter in England. According to Hare's telling, a woman and her 2 brothers were spending he summer of 1875 at Croglin Grange ,a house in Cumberland ,England. Late 1 night ,the woman was startled by 2 bright points of light shinnng through her bedroom window. She soon realized the points were not lights , but the eyes of a dark ,humanlike creature. the eyes moved closer and closer until they were just outside her window. The monster then enetred the bedroom through the window and atacked the woman.

The brothers heard their sister's screams and ran to help. One tend to his fallen sister ,while he other chased the creature into the woods. It escaped y leaping over a wall ,then ran through a church graveyard

the woman had 2 small puncture marks on her neck. she as shaken by the attack ,but the wounds eventually healed. On her doctor's orders ,the woman and her brothers went to Switzerland for a change of scenery. they returned to Croglin Grange the next spring.

shortly after their arrival , the mysterious being again entered the woman's room. One of the brothers chased the creature and shot it in the leg,but he was unable to stop it from entering the church graveyard. Terriefied, the brothers waited for day-break,then traced the monster's path to a burial vault. All but 1 of the corpses inside the vault had been removed from their caskets. they unsealed the only remaining undisturbed casket and found a body with a bullet in one of its legs. Fearing the corpse was indeed the vampire that had attacked their sister ,the brothers removed the body and burned it

Credit from : Book title : Monsters - VAMIRES ,author : Raymond H.Miller

Number meaning

777 - Lucky ,
666 -Unlucky ,
888- Strike rich ?, What do you think ?

777 is deem as LUCKY number by westerner
It was known that the Mighty GOD created Heaven and Earth and then rest on the 7th day even the number "7" appear many times in Bible
07 - 07 - 2007 is a lucky day to get marry in term of geomancy calculation and in fact alot of couple worldwide had plan to book this day to tie thier knot (Wedding)

On the other hand , 666 is represent by Satan and is deem as unlucky , The omen

I only know chinese Gambler like the 888 to strike rich in winning. cuz 8 and that chinese word "fa" (means gaining or getting rich), their pronounsation are almost similar.. so they believe 8 will bring good fortunes.

mostly chinese's home number/car plate number/whatever wont be 58...cuz 58 (mm pat) sounds like wont rich (mm fatt) - in cantonese language

other numbers such as 9413 is considered unlucky also for chinese.. it sound like 9 dead 1 survived..

chinese dun like 4 also...u know lo hor, all written above...but malay loves 4 cuz 4 = empat ... sounds like DAPAT (obtain) ...

Super lucky ?

Have you suddenly win lottery or win some lucky draw stuffs ?Maybe you've also pick up $$ from the ground while you're walking ?


I remebered once i picked up a $10 dollar note from a nearby drain.the drain was dry and have some dried leaves lying withinOther times of picking up $$ is those 10cents, 20 cents stuffseven 5 cent i also picked up deh (5 cent also = $ meh)


One day while riding the bike carying my 7 yrs old elder son (Kelvin) , suddenly saw a $2 note nearby the road side tree base.

Qickly stopped the bike and pick it up before the strong wind blow it away

Kelvin was happy to receive the $2 that come suddenly come from nowhere..haha


Today (Mar 3 2007) Sin ming headline - Man strike 4D winning S$15 million

He bought 4D for over 20 years but never strike anythingso one day , he pray to his late father who had passed away for some lucky numberand he get this number - "5115"

He placed S$5000 bet for this number and it come up 1st prize and this had registered as a BIGGEST winning from Singapore 4D historyShould the number did not open that night, he would have lost another $5000 ...but he so so LUCKY to make it !!

Help from his late father's supernatural power ? who knows....

Gambling Win BIG near misses, Nearly strike to win $ ,but end up nothing !

Really supernatural or simply no luck to win ?

Here are 7 real-life stories whereby the GOD of WEALTH just walk past you (and $ goes to others)Believe it or not !Let me kick off a start here :

This is a story from my working colleague.Many years back when one of his old neighbour passed away on Saturday , he went to attend the funeral wake. Due to his busy working schedule , he went there quite late in the evening at around 6pm+Suddenly he saw 3 sets of FOUR numbers appear within the areas around the place where the coffin was placed.

These 3 sets of numbers were "NICE" combination of 4 numbers each set and he got the feeling that the 4D number sure will come out . He ask around and many people there had already bought the 3 sets of 4D numbers. My friend look into his watch and it was getting late. One of the people tell him quickly rush to the next 2 block of flats to buy the 4D number at the shop there.He rush there and too bad, the 4D selling shop had just closed.

That same night ,when the result of 4D winning numbers were announce....many people there at the funeral who bought the numbers were happy ,they have STRIKE and WIN!!...all except my poor friend who just miss out the last minute rushThe 3 sets of 4D numbers come out 3rd prize , starter and consolation prize ~~@!(same sets of number, no jump in sequence)


Another Near miss incident...This friend of mine tell us this story that halppen few years back. That year he had recieved the invitation card for the company AD&D (annual dinner and dance party)there were 4 numbers stated at the top right corner of the card for Lucky draw

After work , he go to his nearby shops wanted to buy 4D for this 4 numbers but then the queue was he decided not to buy for this round, thinking that the number will not come out so fastThat night 4D result come out the same 4D number as appear n his card !!He could not believe it because if he were to buy the 4D , he would have strike S$5000


Near Miss story (3)

This guy go to Genting Highlands to play jackpot.This machine he's playing need to put in 5 coins to play FULL set of combination per bet so that there will be 5 lines of betting at 1 go

He continue to play and lose and until he left 2 coin.He put the 2 coins into the slot, press the bet button ...that means in this case he only bet the 1st 2 lines (the other 3 lines is not bet with anything)Suddenly...his eye almost POP out !!The 3rd lines is all striaght 77777 ---> Jackpot strike but he only bet 1st and 2nd line only as he left only 2 coins !!

The old uncle beside him scold him why he not play 5 lines maximum bet , but this guy say this is his last 2 coins....So sad, he could have won RM1.4million if he just 1 more coin to make it for this 3rd jackpot l winning strike !!


Near Miss story (4)

This guy dream of some clouds forming some numbers while he was sleepingHe manage to recall 5 numbers from his dream when he wake upImmediately, he go to nearby betting shop to buy TOTO for those 5 numbers

However TOTO need at least minimum 6 numbers so he add in 45 as the 6th numberHe bought the TOTO for Monday and Thursday ( 2 day bet)Monday and thurday TOTO result open and nothing come up for his winSo this fellow give up when suddenly the next Monday result , the 6 numbers come up exactly the same ...but he did not place any bet this time !!What a miss....usually people will bet for 3 times and give up after thatNot sure why he only buy 2 times..


Near Miss story (5) :

This story from very long time ago when my friend was still small that time

Those day they lit with kerosane lamp and stay in kampong house. One night when my friend and his mother was sleeping in the house, suddenly his father come back homeand raised his voice very loud...."I have strike 1st prize in big sweep !!"

He and his mother wake up and crowd around his father to check the winniong ticket under the dim kerozine lightingSuddenly his father 's face changed as the last number of the big sweep ticket is wrong numberThe winning number is : xxxxxx7My friend's father ticker show : xxxxxx1The last number is different !! .....1 and 7

Its a near miss win that my friend had remembered until now


Near Miss story (6) :

This happen to myself few years back

One day, I received a mail letter posted to my home by Reader Digust.Its a promotion offer asking me to subscription to reader Digust and it enclose a paper silver keyThe key has 4 lucky number 3xxx (sorry , the last 3 number i forget )

On the other page, there are 2 rolls of different car pictures for us to scratch using that paper keyAny car with the number match with the key number will have a chance to win if we subscribe the magazine.that day is Saturday morningI quicky go to the nearby shop to buy that lucky keys number - 3xxx , some TOTO and other 4D numbersI did not even count how much i have to spent and i just pay the casher whatever amount in total

I keep all the 4D betting slips without checking anything thereI did not check Sat 4D resultSunday evening , then i remember to check the newspaper result for both Saturday and SundaySunday result - no winSaturday result - the number 3xxx came out in consolation prizeI am so HAPPY...i strike and WIN !!!

I go took out the 4D betting slip paper and checkTo my HORROR .....Saturday not locked in cuz the system meet full quota and cannot buy in anymoreand i only buy sunday. the 4D counter cashier lady also did not mention about this when i buy the numbers and i also never check after buyingSo near and yet so far for my 1st ever 4D winning...but its just memory now


Near Miss story (7) :

Mr. Lok (one of my colleague) used to buy 4D lottery for both Saturday / Sunday for same set of number, but always never win any money.So got 1 week he start to cut cost by buying only for Saturday.....the number did not come out2nd week buy Saturday only...number also never come out

3rd week,,,same thing buy only Saturday....this time the number come out 3rd prize on Sunday !!Mr. Lok feel sorry for himself....he wanted to cut loss and end up miss out 3rd prize winning in the end

Triplet babies born (all same weight ,same height)

News from Yun Nan ,China
(News reported from Lianhe Wanbao ,dated : 28/10/2006)

48 cm height , 5.3 pounds in weight all 3 babies same !!

The 3 babies are alive and healthyOther than having same look as Triplets , heights, weights all sameThis case is very RARE

The lady nurse who've worked had 30 yrs old of experience, mentioned that this is very strange ,1st tme encounter such case ~~There's a number of Twins or Triplets born every year...but usually the weight, height will have slight difference Usually , the earlier born twins that 1st come out will be lighter in weight compare to the 2nd one

Accordingly to the mother , Zhou Xin Yan ,she says that this is the 5th time she's preganat. But the 1st 3 baby had "dropped" due to some complication - so there is no new bornnumber 4th pregant then successfuly born to a girl.

She is now 1.5 yrs old when this 5th pregant, the mother wish to have a boy ,but never know that during the preganacy ,her stomach was much BIGGER than others - and by 7 month ,she couldn't even walked.

The Lucky 4-Leaf Clover

There are many species of clovers but only one is regarded as the true and original species linked to the luck of the Four Leaf Clover. that species is called the "Trifolium Repens", commonly known as the white Clover and is characterised by the white flowers, the clover produce as well as the white ring or "aura" which forms in the middle of the leaves. The Trifolium clover usually produces only 3 leaves, growing the smaller fourth leaf only once in every 10,000 leaves. Thus because of the rarity of the four leaf clover, people considered them as good luck charms.

Each of the leaves is said to represent different attributes.
One leaf stand for Faith, another for Hope, the third for Love and the fourth for Luck.

It has been known that whenever one finds the four-leaf clover, "something good always happens".People received good luck in many aspects of their lives. Some found love, struck lottery, had smoother careers, stronger relationships, found jobs or have renewed vigor in life. Four -leaf clover have given them numerous other blessing in their lives

Source : M.S.G. Magazine (March - April 07 issue)

Refer this link for more information and see pictures of 4-leaf clover:

Tibetan Dzi beads (Tian Zhu)

Dzi beads are found mainly in the Himalayan region of Tibet , East Tibet, Bhutan Sikkim and Ladak. This rare gem is historically known as "Jiuyanshi tianzhu" (9 eye divine Dzi). Having been embedded in the sacred Buddhist soil of Tibet for thousands of years , Dzi beads exude a mystical aura and is considered one of Tibet's 7 treasures and a sacred Buddhist relic. Till today, Tibetans view Dzi beads as heavenly stones.

About three to four thousand years ago, a meteor from Mars crashed into the Himalayas. This led to the 14 different types of Mars elements in Dzi beads, with the element ytterbium possessing the strongest magnetic field. This is what gave rise to the mystic power of Dzi beads. Wearing Dzi beads in the long run can enhance our blood circulation and metabolism. It also improves our quality of sleep, revitalizes our body and balances foreign magnetic fields which may be harmful to us.

Patterns on Dzi beads reflect Brahmanic teaching of ancient India, and are symbolic of the "wulunfajieta" beliefs. Each pattern bears a different meaning. Yet they are somewhat similar to the Taoist beliefs of Yin & Yang and the 5 elements as the fundamentals of life. Hence from the geomancy point of view, Dzi beads can improve one's luck and help to ease problems and worries.

The mysterious and beautiful Dragon Totem Dzi beads form part of the mystifying Tibetan culture. It is heated in the kiln for 49 days, with lamas chanting and burning incense by the side. Only that can we see the beautiful dragon-like patterns on the Dzi beads. And its magnetic field is even more mesmerizing.It is also believed taht the Dzi Beads were made from meteorites fell from outer space thousands of years ago. the magnetic of Dzi Bead is three/ four times stronger than the normal crystals !

Dzi Beads bring you good Luck & Health !

Source : M.S.G. Magazine (March - April 07 issue)

108 Names of Lord Ganesha (Indian's Elephant GOD)

108 Names of Lord Ganesha (with meanings)

1 Akhurath - One who has Mouse as His Charioteer
2 Alampata - Ever Eternal Lord
3 Amit - Incomparable Lord
4 Anantachidrupamayam - Infinite andConsciousness Personified
5 Avaneesh - Lord of the whole World
6 Avighna - Remover of Obstacles
7 Balaganapati - Beloved and Lovable Child
8 Bhalchandra - Moon-Crested Lord
9 Bheema - Huge and Gigantic
10 Bhupati - Lord of the Gods

11 Bhuvanpati - God of the Gods
12 Buddhinath - God of Wisdom1
3 Buddhipriya - Knowledge Bestower
14 Buddhividhata - God of Knowledge
15 Chaturbhuj - One who has Four Arms
16 Devadeva - Lord of All Lords
17 Devantakanashakarin - Destroyer of EvilsAnd Asuras
18 Devavrata - One who accepts all Penances
19 Devendrashika - Protector of All Gods
20 Dharmik - One who gives Charity

21 Dhoomravarna - Smoke-Hued Lord
22 Durja - Invincible Lord
23 Dvaimatura - One who has two Mothers
24 Ekaakshara - He of the Single Syllable
25 Ekadanta - Single-Tusked Lord
26 Ekadrishta - Single-Tusked Lord
27 Eshanputra - Lord Shiva's Son
28 Gadadhara - One who has The Mace as HisWeapon
29 Gajakarna - One who has Eyes like anElephant
30 Gajanana - Elephant-Faced Lord

31 Gajananeti - Elephant-Faced Lord
32 Gajavakra - Trunk of The Elephant
33 Gajavaktra - One who has Mouth likeAn Elephant
34 Ganadhakshya - Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
35 Ganadhyakshina - Leader of All TheCelestial Bodies
36 Ganapati - Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
37 Gaurisuta - The Son of Gauri (Parvati)
38 Gunina - One who is The Master ofAll Virtues
39 Haridra - One who is Golden Coloured
40 Heramba - Mother's Beloved Son

41 Kapila - Yellowish-Brown Coloured
42 Kaveesha - Master of Poets
43 Krti - Lord of Music
44 Kripalu - Merciful Lord
45 Krishapingaksha - Yellowish-Brown Eyed
46 Kshamakaram - The Place of Forgiveness
47 Kshipra - One who is easy to Appease
48 Lambakarna - Large-Eared Lord
49 Lambodara - The Huge Bellied Lord
50 Mahabala - Enormously Strong Lord

51 Mahaganapati - Omnipotent andSupreme Lord
52 Maheshwaram - Lord of The Universe
53 Mangalamurti - All Auspicious Lord
54 Manomay - Winner of Hearts
55 Mrityuanjaya - Conqueror of Death
56 Mundakarama - Abode of Happiness
57 Muktidaya - Bestower of Eternal Bliss
58 Musikvahana - One who has mouseAs charioteer
59 Nadapratithishta - One who AppreciatesAnd Loves Music
60 Namasthetu - Vanquisher of All Evils & Vices & Sins

61 Nandana - Lord Shiva's Son
62 Nideeshwaram - Giver of Wealth andTreasures
63 Omkara - One who has the FormOf OM
64 Pitambara - One who has Yellow-ColouredBody
65 Pramoda - Lord of All Abodes
66 Prathameshwara - First Among All
67 Purush - The Omnipotent Personality
68 Rakta - One who has Red-Coloured Body
69 Rudrapriya - Beloved Of Lord Shiva
70 Sarvadevatman - Acceptor of AllCelestial Offerings

71 Sarvasiddhanta - Bestower of SkillsAnd Wisdom
72 Sarvatman - Protector of The Universe
73 Shambhavi - The Son of Parvati
74 Shashivarnam - One who has a MoonLike Complexion
75 Shoorpakarna - Large-Eared Lord
76 Shuban - All Auspicious Lord
77 Shubhagunakanan - One who is TheMaster of All Virtues
78 Shweta - One who is as Pure as theWhite Colour
79 Siddhidhata - Bestower of Success &Accomplishments
80 Siddhipriya - Bestower of Wishes andBoons

81 Siddhivinayaka - Bestower of Success
82 Skandapurvaja - Elder Brother ofSkand (Lord Kartik)
83 Sumukha - Auspicious Face
84 Sureshwaram - Lord of All Lords
85 Swaroop - Lover of Beauty
86 Tarun Ageless
87 Uddanda - Nemesis of Evils and Vices
88 Umaputra - The Son of GoddessUma (Parvati)
89 Vakratunda - Curved Trunk Lord
90 Varaganapati - Bestower of Boons

91 Varaprada - Granter of Wishes andBoons
92 Varadavinayaka - Bestower of Success
93 Veeraganapati - Heroic Lord
94 Vidyavaridhi - God of Wisdom
95 Vighnahara - Remover of Obstacles
96 Vignaharta - Demolisher of Obstacles
97 Vighnaraja - Lord of All Hindrances
98 Vighnarajendra - Lord of All Obstacles
99 Vighnavinashanaya - Destroyer ofAll Obstacles & Impediments
100 Vigneshwara - Lord of All Obstacles

101 Vikat - Huge and Gigantic
102 Vinayaka - Lord of All
103 Vishwamukha - Master of TheUniverse
104 Vishwaraja - King of The World
105 Yagnakaya - Acceptor of All Sacred& Sacrficial Offerings
106 Yashaskaram - Bestower of Fame and Fortune
107 Yashvasin - Beloved and EverPopular Lord
108 Yogadhipa - The Lord of Meditation

Heard from a unknown source that Lord Ganesha had been promoted as a bodhisattva