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Sergei Paramarenko - Time Traveler 1960 - 2006

Compare photo from 1960 & s the same look  photo aA2_zps3pgbdmj7.jpg 

He seemed to have traveled back in time.
He appeared on 2006 with an odd held in the streets.
He had an old camera.
The photos he had taken were revealed.
He took pictures of a low flying UFO.
He disappeared and reappeared 50 years later.
I think it could be even a movie.
This is the first part of the investigation.
This is the story of Sergei Panamarenko.
On 2006, a man was lost in Kiev, Ukraine.
He had a camera and clothes like a tourist.
He said he had come from the past.
He went out to take some pictures.

 photo ufo_zps0idcvko8.jpg

Then he saw a UFO.
He took a picture and traveled to the future.
An extraordinary case with the document and images.
It was analyzed by psychologist Parlo Kutrikov.
This has been studied by the expert, Vadim Posner.
Surveys show that he traveled half a century in time.
He might be caused by a UFO.
This is the story of Sergei Paramarenko.
There is evidence that suggests he traveled back in time.
This was introduced by the channel 1 + 1.
The presented evidence of Sergei Paramarenko case.
This documentary on: Time Traveller.
It happened April 23, 2006.
At 25, the man appeared.
It was lost with a camera in his hand.
He appeared in Kiev.
The police came to him.
He asked a street that was not there.
The police asked for identification.
The man showed the document days of the Soviet Union.
Document over 50 years.
His name: Sergei Panamarenko.
The police treated him like he was crazy.
He took it to a clinic in Kiev.
Pablo Kutrikov Sergei studied.
April 26, 2006.
The treatment was recorded.
Do you tell me something about you?
 photo birth cert_zpsggi7zi2a.jpg

"My name is Sergei Panamarenko ...
I was born in the city of Kiev on June 1932 "

I assured you, there are more than 30 years.

"I was 25."

But you remember as it was appeared in our time?

"It was daylight and I wanted to do a walk through the city ...
I took my camera but when I left my house ...
I saw a strange object in the sky that had a bell ...
It was very rare, it was flying very strange way ...
It's hard to explain what I saw ...
Better develop the pictures from my camera ...
So maybe we find the answer ... "

Dr. Kutrikov requested the picture to be revealed.
There was a problem.
They needed to be found in an old fashion way.
Very different from the way we do it on the XXI century.
They sought an expert in photography.
Vadim Poisner was surprised by the camera images.
A roller that was suspended in the 70s.
How the roll could be kept more than half a century?
Carry handle reveal the image in the camera.
He found pictures of Kiev ...
But in the 50s.
There was a picture of a woman of 25 years.
In the following picture, it was Sergei Panamarenko.
It has the same clothes.
 photo bell ufo_zpszxkhcsr4.jpg

The last picture shows a bell shaped UFO.
He described it before the images were show.
This interview was recorded at 10:39. April 25, 2006.
Here are the photos revealed ...
They are your picture of the device ...
I am particularly interested in this picture ...
Check Out please

"He is now convinced that I tell the truth ...
So far I do not understand what this object ...
As I could not think of something like ...
When I take the photo ...
Get off the camera and appeared in this year. "

Sergei Panamarenko telling the truth.
This is the picture of the UFO.
His last memory before traveling to 50 years into the future.
He spoke to Dr. Kutrikov.
Sergei went to his room.
This piece
Security camera recorded the moment.
Sergei never went out.
After that time Paramarenko disappeared.
The only way out is always saved.
The windows of the room were blocked.
It was impossible to escape like that.
Even the police went in search of Sergei.
It was confirmed that he lived during the Soviet Union.
This man was alive then.
He was reported missing.

 photo relationship_zpsjnul6e7r.jpg

He disappeared in 1960.
The woman was Valentina Kulick.
Girlfriend Sergei.
She lived during the elections in Ukraine.
He was asked regarding images.
Valentina was more the image of these days.
When she was a girlfriend of Paramarenko.
Police said Valentina what happened with Paramarenko.
She cried.
She never saw him again.
The case of Sergei Paramarenko shows a UFO ...
Would have taken a man ahead in time.
He went to the future.
A possibility of other intelligences time-traveling.

Original documentry in Russian language :

Sergei Ponomarenko - 1932 year of birth: doctor convinces the psychiatrist that he is from the past - namely from 1960.
In 2006 after talking to the doctor , Sergei Ponomarenko disappeared again inside the small room without any other exit doorway & locked window...

Sergei Ponomarenko now looks much older but is currently in the future world ?  photo future_zpsbhtidio7.jpg
This is the background of the same place location - Current present world  photo present_zpsan564vgm.jpg

Lets compare the 2 ...  photo compare2_zps5v6bacrj.jpg

Sergei Ponomarenko when he disappeared from the psychiatric , at which time he jumped back in time, this time until 2050. There was a photo in Kiev at the time, and sent back to 1970 to his girl friend, with a message written on the back saying, "I'm fine. I will do my best to return soon. "  photo back_thumb_zpsxiguxheu.jpg Source: