Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Video clip and brief overview of Teresa Fidalgo haunting

realli scary lor.. when she see that's the spot where she met the accident.. den the camera shoot her.. her face immediately changed.. then accident happened....

Note: This is a re-enactment of a bizarre car accident caused by a spirit in Sintra Portugal.The real footage is with the local police.

Downloadable video clip :

At approximately 4mins 20seconds, the group of teenagers stopped to pick up a stranger on the road, that’s when the strange chain of events started acting up.During that short ride after Teresa boarded the car, she actually told them she was killed in an accident 2 years ago but they didn’t believe her. Thereafter she pointed to the exact spot where she claimed she was killed before reverting to her true form.

Some bizarre facts:

- 2 years before the real victims of this accident met this spirit, there were actual police records, which depict another fatal accident, involved this girl by the name of Teresa Fidalgo back in 1983.

- Although this video was only a re-enactment of the actual accident, for some unexplained reason, the frames somehow ‘jumped’ and went out of focus whenever the camera was focused on the girl who played Teresa’s role in that actual accident. Also notice that when the girl who played Teresa pointed to the road ahead, that particular street lamp directly above was put out.

- In the actual accident, police authorities found a DV camera recording, which is 13-14 minutes long, which shows what had actually taken place before the accident.

- In the actual investigations, the police later released that the car crash had never hit anything it just flipped over without any actual explanation and coincidentally that very same street lamp, which was taken out during this re-enactment. :freakedout:

防见鬼十法 / 10Ways to aviod seeing ghost

一、司空不宜留荫    在面相学上,司空乃发光之处,若额前留“荫”遮及司空位,等于弄熄这盏明灯,霉气、衰气便会缠 住你不放,灵 体鬼怪也容易接近你,故司空位的头发最好剪碎或拨开。( don't let your hair over your forehead i.e don't look like the beatles)

二、逛夜街忌穿红衣   夜晚外出,有两大忌,一忌穿黑衣,皆因黑黑沉沉的颜色,鬼怪灵体最喜欢依附在此。二忌穿红衣, 红色对于恶鬼 来说,属标奇立异的颜色,容易惹起注意,爱出夜街的男女要谨记。( Dont wear black or red at midnight) add ons: When on the streets at night.

三、戒鬼字挂口边   “小鬼”、“衰鬼”、“鬼理你”、“这么鬼麻烦啊”是不少人的口头禅。记住,这类说话不宜多说, 因发音磁场 可能会触及鬼怪。如果你常把“鬼”字挂口边,实在要戒。(don't mention "ghost" frequently)

四、长走廊安灯   很多家居间隔都有长走廊,长走廊经常不见阳光,造成阴盛阳衰的局面,是鬼怪灵异最爱藏匿之处, 所以若家中有 长走廊,记得装一盏长明灯增强阳气,免得鬼怪停留不走。(don't walk in dark or poorly lit alley)

五、爬山戴玉器   登山远足是不错的假日消闲活动,但由于高地湿气重,加上很多动物死后,尸体腐化于此,无形中强 化了负面磁场 。不想见到“脏东西”,不妨佩戴一些玉器饰物,借此增强个人的正面磁场。(Mountains are often laden with dead animals so the ying is strong. Advisable to wear jade etc when climbing mountains)

六、别玩碟仙笔仙    年轻人爱寻求刺激,喜欢大伙儿玩碟仙、笔仙,从而预知未来事。事实上,如此直接与灵体接触、沟 通,日常很容 易会感应到“它们”的存在。尤其发觉近排印堂发黑气者,这类玩意更是大忌。(Don't play saucer)

七、八卦挡邪气   殡仪馆是先人出殡的地方,兼且弥漫哀伤气氛,故负面磁场旺盛。家住殡仪馆附近的朋友,建议在窗 外挂一块八卦 。当中的八个卦数代表正气,正气十足,自然不怕邪气入屋,住近殡仪馆都不怕。(funeral parlour likely to attract ghost, so advisable to place 8 diagram if your house are near to such places)

八、探病先拜家神   若需要经常出入医院探病,事前不妨往拜神,求个心安理得。若然探望的病人是你的亲戚,拜祭家神 特别奏效;而 倘若病人是朋友而非亲戚,则可以到一般庙上香祈求神明庇佑。(Have some prayers before hospital visitations)

九、住酒店忌尾房   去旅行住酒店,不少人都说尾房不宜住。这的确有根有据,皆因尾房通常日照不足,有欠阳气,而灵 体最喜欢流连 此类阴暗之地,所以如果住酒店被分配尾房,不妨换房。(When checking into hotels, advisable not to choose the last stretch of room due to lack of sunlight)

十、灵性号码要避忌   至于酒店房间的门牌号码也需留意,在风水学上,“二”及“五”均属灵性的数字,故酒店房间尾数 不宜有“二” 或“五”,不然容易引起灵怪注意,时运低者便可能和“它们”撞个正着。(according to fengshui, 2 & 5 belong to spiritual numbers, avoid taking room numbers with 2 or 5)

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