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Frm what i watched a few nights ago on National Geographic, is some island, people make zombies using special ingredients.

One includes the pufferfish, of Fugu in japanese, which contains a highly poisonous neuro-toxin that shuts down the nervous system and induces a trance-like state, similar to that of death.

The people will then think the man is dead and bury him, he then rises and we dunno wad happens next. Villagers claim zombies are made to do manual labour.

More on Werewolf

The word "werewolf" comes from the anglo-saxon word "werwulf", "wer" meaning man, or human, and "wulf" meaning (quite literally), wolf. This half-man half-beast has the physical appearance of a normal guy during the day, but come nightfall, with the rising of a full moon, a transformation takes place. What was once a man turns into a vicious, bloodthirsty killing machine--the werewolf.

Hollywood's portrayal of this beast is often shallow and sometimes even comical (Bugs bunny anyone?). It makes this supernatural phenomenom almost unbelieveable. But this creature is prevailant amongst many ancient cultures.

Yes, yes, DotA-ers will be yelling "WOOT LYCANTHROPE", but there is such a word. It is not unusual, from Asia to Europe. It describes the ability to assume the for of an animal, that is to shape shift. The werewolf is a good example of this. Another one will be the Vampire-Bat change.

Instances of Lycanthropy have been recorded as early as the time of Julius Caesar by Ovid (43 BC to 18 AD). As the legend goes, Lycaon the king of Arcadia tried to test the omnisience of Zeus by placing before him a dish of human flesh, just to see if a god could tell. Well, if Zeus could'nt tell the differance then he won't exactly be of god quality. So Zeus got pissed and cursed Lycaon, turning him into the first werewolf.

King Nebuchadnezzar:
Besides Roman and Greek legend, shape shifters are also mentioned in the Bible. The book of Daniel tells of how King Nebuchadnezzar was transformed from an almightly ruler to a beast of the field.

Daniel makes a prediction about the king and the Bible records, "The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar. And he was driven from men and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven till his hair was as grown as eagle's feathers and his nails were as long as claws.

Do we need any further proof that shape shifting is plausible?

Possible Causes:
According to and old english traditional belief, lycanthrophy in the case of a werewolf is caused by the plant wolfsbane. If a man scratches himself with this magical plant by the light of the moon, he will immediately become a werewolf, forever doomed to changing onto a ravenous, murderous beast everytime the full moon rises un the night sky.

However, i believe it can also happen through spirit possession. The sopirit world, you see, is very complex. There are some spirits that would make you take the form of an animal if you are trapped by one of these foul demons. Have you been to excosisms? I've not been to one in person, but hearing from others, they people sometimes behave like beasts and don on the facial expressions.

In the time of the Celts, before the Norman and Saxon invasion of England, the druids used to dress up in wolfskin by the light of the full moon to mark occult festivals like the summer and winter solstice

Eastern Beliefs:
Although the wolf is the most common animal reffered to in lycanthropy in Europe, it is not necessarily the case in the east.

Indian legends of lycanthropy invole the tiger instead of the wolf.

As recently as 1919, in Bhagalpur, India, a shopkeeper named Rupa Sao attacked and killed a young girl. However, the marks on the body were more like that of a tiger than a man. When arrested, Sao was in such a deteriorated state if mind that he could not account for the heinous act himself. He has to be committed to an asylum. One night, when in custody there, the guards heard him calling out to the heavens---that he did not want to change into a tiger again! By the time they reached him cell, he had killed himself. Eeriely, that night was a full moon, the first since his arrest.

In popular Chinese legendslycanthrophy and werewolves are also prevalant. Many stories revolve around this. However, here's an interesting variant---a female of the species, the legendary Hu Li Jing.

This is the Fox Spirit, where certain beautiful women are believed to be the spirits of demonic foxes.

You could say they could change their shape frm a foxy babe to a baby fox at will!

Does Werewolf exsit in tis world?

It did happened, olden time. Sciencetist take it as some kinda virus.Some refer it as mental illness..

Werewolf also known as half wolf half men. They are said last time they exist ok the real scientis said it was because the baby human was raise by the wolf so they act like a wolf and for certain reason they become like a wolf but in human form.

"... Werewolves are savage people with evil power to turn themselves into wolves. They are creatures of the night who roam forests for lonely travellers to attack and eat.

It was popular belief that a werewolf could turn his skin inside out to hide his fur to take human form. Many people accused of being werewolves had their bodies ripped open to be searched for this wolf fur. However, it is possible to detect a werewolf in its human form. Beware of hairy people with straight bushy eyebrows that meet in the middle and have small pointy ears! They might turn into werwolves each night or on nights with full moon.

Legend has it that men turned into werewolves by a curse. But there were those who actually wanted to become werewolves.

How does one become a werewolf?

Step 1: Jump over a fallen tree in the forest

Step 2: Stab it with a small knife

Step 3: Chant a spell.

Wait for the next fullmoon and hey presto! You might turn into a werewolf or.. you could feel really stupid.

It was also said that drinking water collected in a wolf's paw print or eating the brains of an animal killed by wolves were sure ways of turning into a wolf. Then there are also people who think that they can turn into wolves although they do not.

This rare mental illness is known as lycanthrophy. Individuals afflicted with this disease behave like werewolves, savagely killing people and eating the flesh of their victims.

In 1604, Jean Grenier, a 13 year old French boy, was accused of being a werewolf. He claimed that he was given a magic wolf skin and ointment by a mysterious man, the Lord of the Forest. So, for 3 years, he became a man-eating werewolf. Jean admitted eating more than 50 children. He had a craving for raw human flesh esp that of little girls.

One day, he came upon a sleeping baby in an empty house. Jean could not resists such a tatsy meal and he dragged the child into the woods. He then shared the bloody remains with a real wolf. Another time, he tried to attack a girl named Marguerite but fortunately for her, she escaped.The attack on Marguerite lef to Jean's arrest and trial. The court found him guilty of cannibalism but they sentenced him to a monastery because doctors diagnosed him as suffering from lycanthropy."

Reference Cited:" Werewolves" (1990) Bookworm Mysteries III. Singapore: Bookworm Consultants Pte Ltd

Old Changi Hospital (Singapore )

History: Built in 1930's, together with an A/E opposite the road and several blocks of commando barracks cum Changi prison nearby, the Old Changi Hospital (OCH) is situated at Netheravon Road in Changi villages. It has quite a long and rich history for being the former hospital of today's modern Changi General Hospital in Simei and Toa Payoh Hospital equipped with world-class facilities.

With its classical design, one can see that OCH is a typical replica of buildings built by British Colonial architects in the early 20's. Surprisingly OCH was not meant to be a hospital when it was first built (same for the A/E). The British was planning to have a heavily guarded military location in the east of Singapore. The site was strategically selected for it is high on top of a hill overlooking the sea surrounding most of the east side and the south side of the island. For about 10 years before the war, this classical 7-storey high building compound was used as military command quarters and barracks.

During the assault of the Japanese aggression from Malaya in February 1942, Changi was targeted as one of the first attack points. In a day or two, it was occupied by the Japanese army moving from Puala Ubin. Soon after that OCH was converted to a military hospital where all the wounded soldiers and civilians were attended to. After the Japanese Occupation ended, it was converted back to its original self, as a public hospital and later with a Military ward on the third level.

From February 1997 onwards, OCH was closed for its hospital operations were replaced by the new Changi General Hospital. It got isolated and left vacant there since then. According to some insider sources, the abandoned OCH will remain as it is but it will be re-open for the 'public' soon during 2005 for the Army Camp or for the Officer Cadet School (OCS) Trainees.

However, stories about the building being haunted started in the early 40's. The Hospital itself had 70+ years of rich history when it survived from the dreadful World War II that took place from 1942 to 1945, witnessing the fall of Singapore and the brutal tortures towards the prisoners of war (POW) that happened there. Therefore, seeing spirits of all races and of different nationals wandering around in the compound would be a common sight.

If you are thinking of visiting the hospital in the hope of bumping into a spirit of any nature, go with 2 or 3 friends. If you go beyond that, you will never see it as they are all hiding behind the window pane or the back of the door WATCHING at you. But of course, you can go there alone, however you will never find yourself ALONE.

Here are some picture of the extremely creepy, quiet and totally desolated

Ways to see Ghost, Spirit,Demon etc..,

Ok during the night um...around 1am - 2.30am like tht. Approach a mirror and start combing your hair for 100 times. Then you get to see something.

Another way is;Get a reaaaallllllyyyy RED apple. Then get ready a candle and it must be during the night. Then start slicing the apple's skin, make sure u dun cut them off, slice till the whole apple skin is out. Then something will happend.

Summore:Put on a dogs eye shit... (is there a more polite way to call it?) on your eye. Um the side of the eye. Nothing will happend, however everytime u bend down and look over your legs, you get to notice something paranormal. (warning many said to have no cure or ways of removing this) better dun try this.

got 1 more way is to spray ur eyes wif cow`s tears

More Ways ~ hunt 3 crow then drown them into a basket of water lively for 3 days.then rub your eyes with that water ,at the same time you gonna say some spells.

Last but not least:During the night, head out to a isolated area (if you dare) alone. Best for abandoned areas like old hospitals, old factories. You dun have to head inside the building just stay outside. Then start walking backwards with your face faving front. You must not look back while walking backwards or else nthg will happen. The effect is random (not very sure yet) When you walk backwards, you will eventually knock against some1 died before. Usually dead peoples near that area.The chances of the effect is the more people die or in a trgaic accident can increase the chance. (warning doing this the person that you get knock with will keep haunting you, and there is still no way to recover this like the dogs way. )

Go to the old hospital building, bring a mirror, 1 torch light. Walk back-ward, and see ur back using the it from 2am till 4am, keep saying fcuk u ghost, come showurself if u got balls

Good luck trying them. I tried the hair combing before, however nthg happend... Maybe whn you guys try them you might just be lucky to c soemthing abnormally haunting. However, i advice NOT to try the dog and the isolated area attempt. This has still NO CURE!! try at your own risk, But this are all just.... blehbleh..

These ways and methods are for Reference only

Black LOVE magic from Thailand

True story from Thailand.

There was this Singaporean who went on a tour to Bangkok. During his stay there, he happened to meet his Thai business associate who invited him to his house. After being introduced to which the family included three daughters, the Singaporean was asked to stay for dinner.

It was a simple meal of vegetables and fish served with traditional White rice.The Singaporean man took his leave and continued the remainder of his tour. Three months later, the man decided to divorce his wife of 10 years.His wife was shocked! After persistently asking for a reason, he disclosed that he was madly in love with his Thai associate's second daughter.

He couldn't seem to stop thinking about her and the longing will only go away when he is with her. He insisted on the divorce and wants to marry the girl. The wife in her desperation decided to seek help from a "Si Fu" master recommended by her relative. It is through him that they discovered a shocking custom.

In some parts of Thailand, when a girl first got her period, she is to rear a fish and feed it with the sanitary pads after using them. The fish is killed whenshe spots the man she wants to marry and the fish is cooked and served to this man. The man will be so mesmerised by her and will love her till the day she dies.

The wife upon knowing this custom appealed to the "Si fu" for a solution. The "Si Fu" says that only when the girl rejects the man in the face will he wakeup from his trance. There is no other way out.The wife made a trip to Thailand to speak and plead with the family.

They relented and the spell was lifted.

Moral of the story:
You men out there, don't be taken in by a simple meal. There is more to it.
They have similar customs in Indonesia too. But they use pubic hairs instead.

Wash TOILET for good luck ?, Do you believe this ?

In Japan , its becoming more and more popular to wash toilet just to bring good luck !

Believe it or not

The floor not only need to be washed , moped and clean free from dust, it need to be waxed for best "Luck changing " effect

Logic explaination..?'s just a rumor because mostly we need to clean our place to get healthy and let good luck come. For the toilet washing, I think it's because of the excrement = money theory by us Chinese. If the toilet is very clean, the 'luck' in the excrement will goes to the owner and thus brings wealth.
~ Phillus (RO-G)

for your information, toilet is the place which with most negative aura in your house. unless your toilet contact with sun at noon.
~ Jade Emperor (RO-G)

top 10 people who most easy sighing ghost

1)people have black mole on left hand

2)people who wash he's face at 2.47am

3)people who the hair nature withered

4)people who having over 4 comb at the house

5)people who loses sleep for no reason and born in dog years

6)people who born in 1.44am

7)the person forehead turns green for no reason

8)bath room mirror can direct see the window

9)break the bowl on chinese July 14th

10)the people who try the rules above

Where do Santa come from?

The Amazingly True Story of Christopher Cringle aka Santa Claus

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or simply "Santa", is a historical, legendary, and mythical figure in folklore who, in Western cultures, is described as bringing gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, or on his feast day, December 6. The legend may have its basis in hagiographical tales concerning the historical figure of Saint Nicholas.

The modern depiction of Santa Claus as a fat, jolly man (or gnome) wearing a red coat and trousers with white cuffs and collar, and black leather belt and boots, became popular in the United States in the 19th century due to the significant influence of caricaturist and political cartoonist Thomas Nast.This image has been maintained and reinforced through song, radio, television, and films. In the United Kingdom and Europe, his depiction is often identical to the American Santa, but he is commonly called Father Christmas.

One legend associated with Santa says that he lives in the far north, in a land of perpetual snow. The American version of Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, while Father Christmas is said to reside in Lapland. Other details include: that he is married and lives with Mrs. Claus; that he makes a list of children throughout the world, categorizing them according to their behavior; that he delivers presents, including toys, candy, and other presents to all of the good boys and girls in the world, and sometimes coal or sticks to the naughty children, in one night; and that he accomplishes this feat with the aid of magical elves who make the toys, and nine flying reindeer who pull his sleigh.

There has long been opposition to teaching children to believe in Santa Claus. Some Christians say the Santa tradition detracts from the religious origins and purpose of Christmas. Other critics feel that Santa Claus is an elaborate lie, and that it is unethical for parents to teach their children to believe in his existence.Still others oppose Santa Claus as a symbol of the commercialization of the Christmas holiday, or as an intrusion upon their own national traditions.

Source :

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