Sunday, August 10, 2008

Super Mario Brother

3D Performance

Shaolin Soccer

3D Table Tennis

Matrix Pole Vault

Olympic Games Highlights

Fight for Pepsi battle

Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe

Bullet/Bomb proof toilet (Beijin , China)

This toilet weights 15 tonne. Accordingly to the desinger, this structure when hit by a TNT bomb inside will not affect any people outside the toilet.

This public toilet cost RMB$800K to build

Airport with Pillar Runway ( Portugal)

Entire runway is 2781 m long , inclusive this special 100m pillar runway that is make up of 180 concrete-cemented pillar supports..each is 50m high (equal to 17th storey)

Toilet inside Holiday Inn Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)

Man's Toilet

Ladies Toilet :

Month of August '2008 is the chinese 7th Ghost month , where we need to make food offering

In this modern days...even MacDonald had become the instant choice !

Believe it or not ~

Travel using Cable + Pulley

A woman from inside out

Nike "Transformer"

Real Life Cosplay Transformer !!

1 minute Painting

Primary 6 Boy - Super Typist (Taiwan)

Type A to Z just need 0.3 seconds !!

Man dies after 3 months in cybercafe