Saturday, December 27, 2008

High Tech earning (except for 1)

Every students using laptops notebooks , but hey...we got 1 guy using pen + paper (old school traditional method !)

Old School original

Defence Strategy - Distract the enemy !!

The Universe: A Matter of Perspective

An illustration which shows how small our planet Earth is in the larger scope of things. If a human could walk on the surface of Canis Majoris, the largest known star in the universe – he/she would have to walk for 650,000 years to circle the star, compared with 2 years 11 months to complete the same task on the Earth. Knowing that VY Canis Majoris is the largest known star ever recorded... its only 5,000 light years from Earth.


Miss Lady Boys (Thailand)

Flexible "Rubber" Man

Tiger Murder @ Zoo (Singapore)

Tiger attacked and killed Man when he walk into their den...

this is the real-time clip taken from one of the tourist when the accident happen !

Be careful when walking and crossing roads

Always look while crossing the road…

Watch the man on the left walking, crossing the road where there is no car.

Take nothing for granted, not even for a split second!
God bless and please be careful when crossing the road.

Disposable "Standing Pee " device (Japan)


Do not despair!!

If there are dirty toilets and filthy toilet seats, now there is a new invention by the Japanese for you personal usage.

Use & Throw!
Now you are just like the guys, You can do it any where!! Yippee!!! Yippee!!!! ! Just leave it to the Japanese.... they have everything to solve your problems....enjoy!!!!

Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin) Part 2 - Singapore

Reference :

The Chinese Goddess of Mercy also known as Guan Yin - the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness and a fertility Goddess.

Spotted on a wooden vase that is made from wood of a temple roof support...."