Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unique Wedding Photo

Zimbabwe Currencies (Africa)

500 million dollar bill, just printed in May 2008.....everybody can have it.... just enough for breakfast/lunch. (equal to about USD 2)

Everybody is a billionaire....

To buy tidbits in a plastic packet......you have to spend at least 10 million.

To buy vegetables.....5 million.

To buy eggs........6000 million. To buy chicken.....how many million?

If you want to eat in a restaurant, please prepare the money.........

For a beer after office hours..............

Your monthly salary.........you need to hire a taxi or lorry to bring the money home.....

Young kid - already a millionaire.......

If you don't want to carry a lot of money.....change it to USD.
Nobody wants to count the money, just weigh it......

Otherwise, this is what you have to do everytime you go to shop, market, bus station, etc.....

Arabian Wedding

China family uses MRT seats as beds (Singapore)

Oblivious to the strange stares that they're inviting, two girls turned a stretch of MRT train seats into their beds for a snooze, even removing their shoes and using towels as blankets to keep out the cold.
Kyann said in her email to STOMP dated June 23'08,
"My colleague took these pics last Fri (20/6) @ 6.30pm while on a train to Marina Bay, heading towards the North line."
"This China family was so inconsiderate! "
"The kids literately slept in the train, with towels as blankets.The elder sis even urged the younger sis to sleep soon, as there will be more passengers boarding the train shortly."
So a guy approached the mother & highlighted that their behavior is inappropriate.
"Unfortunately, the mother replied with her rather strong Chinese accent which was difficult to understand ... the guy was angry.
"Along the journey, the train suddenly stopped and there was an announcement.
" So the guy said sarcastically: 'Good for you.. The train stopped, and you guys can sleep longer.."