Tuesday, January 22, 2013

McDonalds Drive Thru Song by Todrick Hall

One 1 Pound Fish, Queens Market, Upton Park, London

Shopping !!

Real NASA footage in space & a look into ancient structures on the moon

Pyramid @ Moon
 photo 7-9_zpsf2d77969.jpg

Stone Hedge @ Moon

 photo 12-8_zps30965c06.jpg

Mysterous "walking" stone that disappear ??
 photo 2-14_zpsa0120d4d.jpg

Mysterous metal handle ? (without blade)
 photo 9-9_zps9c78b544.jpg

Strange things...
 photo 6-11_zpscb3e6af4.jpg

Strange structure
 photo 13-9_zpsd40001d4.jpg

Rising Tower (Cigar -Shaped)
 photo 3-14_zps8ffa7a05.jpg
 photo 4-12_zps71232d34.jpg

"Fallen Angel" structure
 photo 5-11_zpscf21a158.jpg

Engine Capule
 photo 11-7_zpsf132e3d1.jpg

Ancient ship ?
 photo 10-9_zpse66487a8.jpg

Real Alien UFO ships @ background !!
 photo 8-9_zps123860ac.jpg

Alien City

* Edited by NASA for cover up
 photo 14a-1_zps215b6a83.jpg

*Real City background
 photo 14b-1_zps35bd543b.jpg

Spaceman pose in front of Alien City
 photo 1-13_zps86631867.jpg

Alien Spaceship
 photo 15a-1_zpsb6649fd1.jpg
 photo 15b_zpsff6f53e5.jpg