Wednesday, July 30, 2008

EVP Ghost voices

Ghost logic discovered, we are now one more step closer to paranormal...

Ghost could be explained by science, they called it brain electric wave left by human after died, we could see them when our brain electric wave frequency same with the spirit brain electric wave frequency. do you watch the EVP ( electronic voice phenomena ) news yet? we can listen to ghost voice through that way, i have a very senseless question, why they never talk like us (craping...)? why what we listen only some meaning word? spirit expressing with brain electric wave , they could read our mind by knowing our brain electric wave frequency, they saw us.

When we accept the logic above, i treasured another interest logic. when we fear, our brain electric wave will weaker. when we are weaker then ghost brain electric wave, we losed. and they could possessed us by using their brain electric wave to our brain. when we saw them talk to us, or we cant move, or having illusion, that was their brain electric wave ability, because what they left now only brain electric wave without fleshed. they are still suffering from the pain of death, because their brain electric wave cannot change or update anymore after they died, because they had no brain to work it. we still able to change and update, and the only things we think is about our fleshed, how we going to be more muchle or more comfortable.there is some psycical people, rarely existance in this world, who train their brain electric wave, do you saw ppl curved a spoon by only look at the spoon? those ppl already forgot their flesh existance, like a spirit do.

if we exchange science to religion about logic above, brain electric wave i consider it strengh of spirit.

why vengeful spirit able to harm human directly? the brain electric wave they left at this world are full with hate, our brain electric wave increase when we hate, angry or happy too, decrease when we fear, and our brain electric wave frequency messed when we sad. change all the 'brain electric wave' to 'strengh of spirit' in current paragrave if you still dont understand.

this is EVP news ( electronic voice phenomena )

More information :

Quote from : RO-G 'Jade Emperor' date='Mar 30 2007


1) There are many possible reasons. First, our mind power may be strong or we don't have the ability to see them or receive their message. Second, it's just as normal like "Why don't you talk to someone on the street(or anywhere)?" They may not know us and may have nothing to talk. But this also involved some of our passed relatives or friend, the reasons are

(a)They reincarnated,

(b)They doesn't have chance to meet us ,

(c)We can't receive them or many more other reasons.

2)Once a french doctor made an experiment. He went to the execution room and look at a prisoner which's going to beheaded. After he was beheaded, the doctor call the prisoner's name and it did respond to the doctor(looking at him) and the head was completely still after 2 second. As we can see, the suffering will be with us until we died( if the brain's dead, the whole person is dead). Mind power is very strong once you could activated it. I heard that a woman in japan lifted a car to save her baby(or child?). People were astonished and after that, she couldn't do that anymore. So we all can feel the power of will and mind.

3) Science and religion should research together in the past because we could discover more strange phenomenon by combining 2 knowledge together. Our mind are complex thus created many wonderful and awful thing in this world. We can actually change ourselves and manage our energy.

~ RO-G 'Phillus' date='Mar 30 2007

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