Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Video clip and brief overview of Teresa Fidalgo haunting

realli scary lor.. when she see that's the spot where she met the accident.. den the camera shoot her.. her face immediately changed.. then accident happened....

Note: This is a re-enactment of a bizarre car accident caused by a spirit in Sintra Portugal.The real footage is with the local police.

Downloadable video clip :

At approximately 4mins 20seconds, the group of teenagers stopped to pick up a stranger on the road, that’s when the strange chain of events started acting up.During that short ride after Teresa boarded the car, she actually told them she was killed in an accident 2 years ago but they didn’t believe her. Thereafter she pointed to the exact spot where she claimed she was killed before reverting to her true form.

Some bizarre facts:

- 2 years before the real victims of this accident met this spirit, there were actual police records, which depict another fatal accident, involved this girl by the name of Teresa Fidalgo back in 1983.

- Although this video was only a re-enactment of the actual accident, for some unexplained reason, the frames somehow ‘jumped’ and went out of focus whenever the camera was focused on the girl who played Teresa’s role in that actual accident. Also notice that when the girl who played Teresa pointed to the road ahead, that particular street lamp directly above was put out.

- In the actual accident, police authorities found a DV camera recording, which is 13-14 minutes long, which shows what had actually taken place before the accident.

- In the actual investigations, the police later released that the car crash had never hit anything it just flipped over without any actual explanation and coincidentally that very same street lamp, which was taken out during this re-enactment. :freakedout:


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