Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Amazing Magic Trick - Saw into half !!

An incredible bit of magic! (If anyone knows how this trick was done, please leave a comment!) It's AWESOME!

Funny - Funny Videos

Spolier (a logical explaination ..??)

It seems to me that the guy who gets cut in half is a contortionist his legs are curled up next to him thats why he seems fat and then he just sticks his legs in the pants or whatever at the pretty sure he has his legs curled up the whole time thats why you never see him move in the begining and they can move him like they do and also thats why the magician blocks his waist when they are "putting him back together"
~ Superjim ,


Anonymous said...

due to the magicians code i cant tell you the true secret to kevin's award winnig trick...however i can tell you the assistant who gets sawed in half is not a contortionist :-P

Magic Tricks said...

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Ami said...

I dont think its is a contortionist as well ... I think its not a human being. I think its a robotic doll .... The movements of the doll do not flow. Look at the face of the doll ... it has no expression. What do you think?