Monday, September 19, 2011

Shanghainese women change attire on train

By Fann Sim – Wed, Sep 14, 2011

Photos and videos of Shanghainese women undressing and changing their clothes on the train have surfaced on the Internet.

On 22 August, a netizen caused a stir after uploading photos and videos of a girl on Shanghai's Metro train. The video detailed a girl stripping down to her underwear and changing clothes inside the train cabin.


Netizens believed that she was either late for work or doing it for a publicity stunt as the clothes she changed into looked like a uniform for cosplaying purposes.

The woman changed into a "uniform" that looks like it's for cosplaying purposes.

Some have said that such an act is immoral and very unsightly to look at while others disagreed with the public outcry.

A Chinese user wrote, "What's the big deal? Society's development should mean more diversity/pluralism. If it's always traditional ideas, we won't keep up with the times/fashion. Does everyone still remember the 80s, where peeping (into) the ladies would result in being sentenced to death? Now that we think about it, wasn't that going too far?"

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