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Time Machine Experience ( Fangoria 2010 )

A first person walk through of 'Time Machine', a steam punk horror show built and performed in the garage.

 Uploaded on Sep 5, 2010 by Flippers
 Behind the scene - Engineer's View ________________________________________________________________________

 questioneering :

"I was lucky enough to take part in a live performance of this and to get an after-show tour. It's really quite scary when you're being chased around in the dark by Jack the Ripper."

JohnnyQuest6 :

 "Really amazing! I'm sure it took loads of rehearsal to get it right (at first viewing, I thought, "No way they did this live..."). Do you think this is practical to run repeatedly, like at a theme park or on Halloween? I noticed that the hard-to-reset things (glass breaking/gunshots) were mostly sound effects, but I think you'd need a "guide" to keep people in the Machine during the Nazi sequence, but get them out of it at Whitechapel (and back in again!). How many folks per hour?"

Comments from Creator.......

 Flippers :

 @JohnnyQuest6 lots of rehearsals, but we got it live in the end. We even devised a "special edition" for anybody that rides it twice. We performed it about 15 times on it's first night, with 6 people per show. It takes about 10- 15 mins per show. The soundtrack is (almost) automated so resetting the show is pretty simple. the gunshots are part of the master sound track, synced to audio inside the machine - the smashing glass is actually a bag of chains being dropped (watch the Copper at 7.28)

it took about 18 months of tinkering in the garage to build it, we've been planning and designing it since way before. There's one top secret bit of kit we had to build first to enable the the machine to travel between scenes. The whole set is only in a normal sized double garage.

One of the most time consuming bits of the build was the brick walls in old London, each brick hand carved from polystyrene, that might have been a mistake.

The show was just for our friends.

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