Friday, June 17, 2016

Interdimensional Portal

Ong's Hat 

Ong's Hat , New Jersey is a (relatively) abandoned town , where is said to exist an Interdimensional Portal.During the 1970s , "Chaos" began to emerge as a new scientific paradigm , born out of the mixing of many different sciences , like weather prediction, and fractal geometry.

 Two chaos scientists named Frank and Althea Dobbs discovered Interdimensional travel by putting people in a sensory - deprivation chamber, aka "the EGG".On their explorations , they discovered a world that never developed human life but substained plant life, which is where the scientists were said to reside ever since.

Markawasi Stone Forest 

 Located in the Andes Mountains of Lima , Peru , the Markawasi Stone Forest supposedly have an Interdimensional door in the middle of the forest. According to Dr. Raul Rios Centono, an investigator in the Markawasi Stone Forest, a woman with hemiplegia came to him to share her case. She found a stone cabin lit by torches, and inside were people with 17th century clothing dancing the night away.She was attracted to the idea of further investigation, but her frightened friends managed to pull her away.

 However , she had entered the cabin halfway, and now that side of her body is paralyzed.The doctor believes she experienced an Interdimensional shift which changed the flow of her nervous system, causing the paralysis.

Source : IndexSe7en

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