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Bermuda Triangle, Between Myth and Reality

Scientists often find it difficult to examine the many mysterious phenomena that occur in this world. One of the many strange phenomena that are very confusing, and still the study is the Bermuda Triangle. How true nature? Are the phenomena can be explained rationally?

Overview of Bermuda.

The word “Bermuda” means the seventh month of the year Qibthi. But an American scientist who came from Puerto Rico suggests that the meaning of “Bermuda” in ancient languages spread across the region contains the meaning of Bermuda Beach Light. This is because the devil occupies the area and stated that he is the god of Light and God of the Enlightenment.


Bermuda Islands Area of about 53 square kilometers with a population reached 70,000 inhabitants. The capital is a city called Hamilton. The entire area of Bermuda is a group of islands totaling 347 atoll (coral reef islands) with several small bays.

The whole archipelago is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. Located approximately 930 km from the United States. A very strange thing is the whole island is numbered 347, only 20 islands are inhabited. Residents here regard it as a colony of ghosts and spirits of children who became Lord Satan.

Along with the entry of British rule in 1684 AD, go Christianity, although not initially accepted but then the shamans regard it as a branch of their religion or new Shari’a which fits with the times. Since 1968, the island was turned into several autonomous state separate from British rule.

The phenomenon is horrible
Bermuda Triangle is a term first coined by an American author, Vincent Judith. He said “Verily, there is an area which covers a triangular area of East Coast Florida – Puerto Rico and Bermuda islands.

If a straight line drawn from the three nampaklah a triangle of interconnected so-called Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda Triangle mystery emerged as a difficult disclosed until now. Because of that many people call it as Satan’s Triangle, Triangle of Death, and the graveyard of the Atlantic.

Mysterious events continue with the many ships and planes which disappear when entering the Bermuda Triangle area. Surprisingly, the loss of ships and aircraft never left marks and signs that can be investigated.

Events loss of ships and planes were still ongoing, some of which are as follows:

-In 1947, C-45 aircraft lost in a distance of 150 km of the Bermuda Triangle.

-In 1948, Theodore-4 aircraft which has lost four booster engines and 31 people on board.

-The same year the DC-3 aircraft and its passengers disappeared, amounting to 32 people without leaving a trace.

-In 1949, Theodore 4 second aircraft also disappeared without a trace.

-In 1950, the U.S. large aircraft “Globe Master” U.S. Air Force’s missing without a trace.

-The same year the American freighter-55 Sandra, which has a length of more than a hundred yards away without leaving a trace.

-In 1952, the British aircraft carrier “York” with 33 people on board disappeared without a trace.

-In 1954, U.S. amphibious aircraft type Lockheed lost with all on board without leaving a trace.

-In 1956, U.S. amphibious aircraft type P5M Martin lost with all crew members without a trace.

-In 1962, aircraft fuel filler type KB-50 U.S. Air Force’s missing without a trace.

-In 1963, the U.S. Navy carrier vessel owned by Silver Queen which length is 130 meters away with all its passengers without leaving a trace.

The same two-year training aircraft and supplies of U.S. Air Force type Stratoo disappeared without a trace.

-In 1968, military aircraft types YC-122 transport aircraft modified to disappear without a trace.

-In 1970, the French-owned transport plane “Milton Patreds” disappear along with all people and goods available.

-In 1973, the German transport plane owned by “Anita” is 20,000 tons dead weight lost with 32 passengers without a trace.

-In 1974, the aircraft lost the war at a distance of 900 miles southwest of the Azores islands, the United States.


The events of the loss of ships and planes continue each time, even in times of diminishing now because there is no longer the crossing and close to the Bermuda Triangle area as a caution in the aviation and shipping traffic.

Secera Geographically, the Bermuda Triangle is the western Atlantic Ocean, possibly shaped like a triangle that is located near the southeast coast of America. Area stretching from Bermuda in the north to South Florida. Direction near the Bahamas through its Eastern Puerto Rico to the west latitude 40o, then back to Bermuda.

No wonder if the Bermuda Triangle got a lot of nicknames that are very scary. Almost all ships and aircraft that disappeared can not provide signals or relationship in which the supernatural forces that enveloped make all the equipment and the interface moves irregularly and died instantly.

Genius People and the solutions

Many scientists conduct research in an effort to find a solution and find logical reasons for what happened affairs. Came the dozens of books that define the number of ships and aircraft which disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle area is scary.

Among the most famous is the book LES DE EL TRIANGULO BERMUDA essay Potlar John Charles Berlitz, a writer and researcher who has four books and everything is a business solution to the mystery. His books include: faster than the elevator, the trip without end, the dream of humanity, and stepping period.
But a researcher from the American, Evan Sunderson concluded that cases lost in the Bermuda Triangle because of the whirlpool or in other terms “vulnerable spots”, because the Bermuda Triangle area is a meeting between hot and cold currents flow.

Various water flow in the opposite direction it leads to the top and bottom. Sunderson also convinced that a strong movement opposed it flows and is affected by differences in degrees of heat which resulted in a magnetic vortex which is the cause of all this tragedy.

But the theory is rejected for dillandasi Sunderson argument which asserts that no water flows in the opposite effect on the earth’s magnetic sea. Also Sunderson theory does not interpret how the role of similar places called “grave evil” in the mainland.

Places where it is on the North Pole, South Pole, the northern desert area and in the Northwest region of India. Later, even this theory fails in interpreting the particulars why found the wreckage of many ships and without any human corpse.

Supra natural Views
There are theories that explain and interpret what is happening in the Bermuda Triangle. The theory states that because all it is because of the spirits who were tortured in the wild there, especially the ghost of the negroes who persecuted. Then explain that there are millions of spirits roaming in the area, namely at the beginning of the period of slavery in America when they were transported by ship from Africa to America.

The founder of this theory is a British psychologist Kennets Machol. He believes the spirits do not like to hurt or scare people, but they tried to reveal himself to tell people that they are spirits who do not die naturally. Machol also sure to give a special prayer to calm the spirits of those curious.
Just as the theory Machol, a retired priest who has been named Oumand opinion that the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon is a phenomenon caused by supernatural spirits curious number that used to die unnaturally.

In spite of it all, we believe that the mysterious phenomenon that occurs in the world is certainly not immune from how we react to it and from what angle we view it. But we also must remember that all life belongs to the Creator. Unseen things are difficult to understand, but for God, it is part of His creation scenario.

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