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John Titor's Time Machine C204

How would you introduce yourself if you were a time traveler? John Titor began with his mission and machine, straight up. At first you think "sure, sure" but then a close look at the design suggests it just might be possible if the things some physicists believe about the relationships between time and gravity in the vicinity of singularities are true.

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John Titor
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Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975.
My "time" machine is a stationary mass, temporal displacement unit manufactured by General Electric. The unit is powered by two, top-spin, dual-positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid.

I will be happy to post pictures of the unit.

John provided several graphic images to corroborate his statements, which are reproduced below :

Fig. 1: Scan from the technical manual. Some of the other graphics more fully refer to the device as a General Electric Army Model C204 Gravity Distortion Time Displacement Unit.

Fig. 2: Scan from the technical manual. Looks like it might be a scan from a photocopy of a printed photograph, which would reproduce pretty terribly like this.

Fig. 3: Scan from the technical manual. This should be compared with Fig. 4 below, which is presumably a scan from a different page, which has some slight differences. They each show a diagram of the field shapes and time vectors produced by the unit during operation.

Fig. 4: Scan from the technical manual. Notice the three event horizon labels at the bottom are mislabelled 11, 12, and 13, where in the page above they are labelled 10, 11, 12 and correspond to the legend. Note that this graphic includes the dimensions of 6 (vertical safe distance 6 meters), 7 (mass offset 5 meters), 8 (rear mass distribution 8 meters), and 9 (forward mass distribution 11 meters).


Interpretation of Fig. 4 legend above:
1 Dual singularities in kerr field
2 Output of negative time field
3 Output of null time field
4 Output of positive time field
5 X-ray venting zone
6 Vertical safe distance (6 meters)
7 Mass offset (5 meters)
8 Rear mass dist. (8 meters)
9 Forward mass dist. (11 meters)
10 Negative time event horizon
11 Null time event horizon
12 Positive time event horizon

Fig. 5: Scan from the technical manual. Unfortunately some of the legend is unreadable. Below the graphic I have recreated what I believe the text to read.

Interpretation of Fig. 5 legend above :
1 Singularity drive housing
2 Singularity magnetic field coil
3 Magnetic field generator/regulator
4 Electron mass injector manifold
5 Electron regulator
6 Electron (generator?)
7 Singularity (status sensor?)
8 Singularity cooling housing
9 Singularity cooling pump
10 Singularity cooling supply
11 Gravity sensor unit
12 Battery supply

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John Titor
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Although the documents posted were printed from a computer printer, is it really that hard to believe that manual typing is just a bit more common in thirty years? After the war, many things like manual printing machines, bicycles, sailboats and hand tools were valued a great deal. I have noticed more people in California are installing wood burning stoves.

I realize my claims are a bit ridiculous but my intent is not really to be believed. However, if I had an opportunity to talk to a time traveler, I might ask questions like: How exactly does the singularity sensor measure the expansion of the inner event horizon or why does the reality of multiple worlds support the religious dogma that there are no good or bad people just good and bad desicions or what were the political motivations that changed the U.S. Constitution?

Fig. 6: Scan from the technical manual. Shows layout of major external components and defines the Main and Steering singularities. Notice they are located fore and aft of the time distortion field, which direction is delineated by the prominent black and yellow tape (here black and white).

posted 14 October 2000
TimeTravel_0 : As it turns out...
TimeTravel_0 : If you encounter a black hole that is spinning and has an electrified field, you will not be killed passing through its massive gravitational fiuelds.
TimeTravel_0 : regreting asking yet>
Yareisa : no
TimeTravel_0 : Ok
wyrmkin_37 : no
Yareisa : I'm hooked
TimeTravel_0 : In about a year...
G° : is this the omeg point theory?
G° : omega?
TimeTravel_0 : CERN will discover some very odd things as a result of their high energy experiments.
TimeTravel_0 : in about a year.
TimeTravel_0 : from your point of view.
wyrmkin_37 : cern?
TimeTravel_0 : in Geneva.
Yareisa : particle accelerator
wyrmkin_37 : oh
TimeTravel_0 : They will accidently create microsingularities.
G° : makes things go round and hit each other...
TimeTravel_0 : Which will evaporate very quickly.
wyrmkin_37 : one in texas?
TimeTravel_0 : and create a massive ammount of X-ray and Gamma rays.
TimeTravel_0 : It will puzzle them for a while.
TimeTravel_0 : Until they figure out how to add and elcrtical charge and capture these strange odd and massive particles in a magnetic field.
wyrmkin_37 : they shoot electrons at the speed of light.......see what they bust up into
TimeTravel_0 : Yes.
G° : still with you...
wyrmkin_37 : quarks
TimeTravel_0 : If you bombard a singularity with electrons...
TimeTravel_0 : you can alter the size of its event horizon.
TimeTravel_0 : and thus its gravitational field.
TimeTravel_0 : By overlapping these fileds from two singularities...
TimeTravel_0 : you can travel forward and backward through time.
TimeTravel_0 : Its actuallyu quyite simple.
wyrmkin_37 : i follow now
TimeTravel_0 : Thats noit the hard part.
G° : didn't tipler say there was no event horizon?
TimeTravel_0 : No..he said it was possible to approach a massive gravitationl field from certain angles and not get squished.
G° : oh, sorry
wyrmkin_37 : lol
TimeTravel_0 : Actually...Im not really a physisit.
G° : but you know all about this stuff... is that why you were picked?
TimeTravel_0 : I specialize in 20th century history and my grandfather builds computers.
wyrmkin_37 : what base?
TimeTravel_0 : drive a car and know how to change the oil don;t you?
TimeTravel_0 : I am based in Tampa Fl.
G° : actually, only just.. LOL
wyrmkin_37 : chas, afb
TimeTravel_0 : McDill
wyrmkin_37 : kewl
G° : sorry?
G° : in english?
wyrmkin_37 : zoomies
Yareisa : thats english?!
G° : you airforce wyrm?
wyrmkin_37 : yes
G° : your not working on a time machine are you?
G° : come here for guidance...
wyrmkin_37 : no just came in for chat
TimeTravel_0 : Altering gravity is not the hard part.
G° : LOL
Yareisa : go on...
TimeTravel_0 : Detecting gravity is the hard part.
TimeTravel_0 : I will tell you a littlke story.
TimeTravel_0 : When time travel was invented.
TimeTravel_0 : They built prototypes that would go back in time for a split second and then return.
TimeTravel_0 : They had sensors and cameras on them.
TimeTravel_0 : ...and they never returned.
G° : and forwards as well? how about a single jump forwards?
TimeTravel_0 : It was later discovered that the machines were ending up about 15 miles away and 3000 fett in the air.
TimeTravel_0 : feet
G° : doh!
TimeTravel_0 : The Earth was rotating away from them.
wyrmkin_37 : synchroniaztion please
TimeTravel_0 : A system had to be invented that would "hold" the machine to the Earth.
TimeTravel_0 : Its called VGL.
TimeTravel_0 : Its based on very sensative clocks and gravity sensors.
TimeTravel_0 : It stops the time distortion machine if radical changes in gravity are detected.
wyrmkin_37 : mechanical or electronic clocks
TimeTravel_0 : You wouldn't want to end up inside a mountain or under water...would you?
TimeTravel_0 : Cesium.
wyrmkin_37 : oh
G° : isn't all this classified? surely your suppoed to keep it secret whilst in the past?
TimeTravel_0 : LOL!!!
TimeTravel_0 : I know you think Im nuts...come on.
TimeTravel_0 : Who would believe me?
G° : just asking?
TimeTravel_0 : It my best defense.
wyrmkin_37 : isnt celsium a higher class of quartz? dont know
G° : but we don't have long to find out if you are or not
TimeTravel_0 : you know how big a hole 2 sigularites make when their magnetic filed colpases?
G° : won't be long before CERN (?) make the discovery
TimeTravel_0 : Thats right.
G° : no
TimeTravel_0 : Welll....either do I. But I don;t want to know.

posted 01-29-2001 01:37 PM
John Titor

Registered: Jan 2001
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By using two microsingularites in close proximity to each other, it is possible to create, manipulate and alter the Kerr fields to create a Tipler gravity sinusoid. This field can be adjusted, rotated and moved in order to simulate the movement of mass through a donut-shaped singularity and into an alternate world line. Thus, safe time travel.

Fig. 7: Detailed device schematic, presumably another scan from the technical manual but that is uncertain. Unfortunately the legend is missing for all the numbered labels, or we could go a lot farther in analyzing the circuitry.

Fig. 8: Appears to be a scan of a black and white photo of the device. Not from however, but from Pamela.


Fig. 9: Photo of the unit in the car (Corvette). The device appears to have been moved to the passenger's side. If it weighs 500 pounds as John said, moving it would be some feat.

Fig. 10: Bent laser light.

Description purportedly from John.
This is a picture taken in the fall of 2035 during my training. It shows my instructor beaming a handheld laser outside the vehicle during operation. The beam is being bent by the gravitational field produced outside the vehicle by the distortion unit. The beam is visible through smoke that is coming from his cigar.

Fig. 11: Photo of the unit in a vehicle. This appears to not be a Corvette, John mentioned somewhere that he swapped the Corvette for a truck. That looks like a shotgun in the front center.


Fig. 12: A second photo of the unit in the truck. Paint colors match, the padded cushion in the foreground appears to be the same as in Fig. 11, and there is the same white box to the left of the unit in both photos.


Fig. 13: Third photo of the unit in the truck. The several objects in the foreground appear to have not been moved, but the light is different as if this photo were taken at a different time of day than Fig 12. There is a red glow reflecting off the instruction label which could possibly be an indicator lamp. Could the unit be turned on? Possibly it's in some kind of testing or maintenance mode or maybe it's reflecting light from outside the vehicle. The glow appears to be coming from a button labelled 'emergency disconnect' (#5) in Fig. 6. But it could also be coming from the 'emergency view screen' (#4) shown in Fig. 6 if that is perhaps a red LED display.


Fig. 14: John's unit insignia. Supposedly the design is based on the field patterns of the time distortion device, reminiscent of Figs 3 and 4 above. It's probably unwise to try to infer too much from it since it's just a logo design.


Time Travel experience
Member posted 05 November 2000 03:29
Questions for timetravel_0 with permission to post.
by the way can you tell me what it feels like to time travel? when you are in the process of doing it what does it feel like and what do you see and hear. you made mention that you had to get use to the fields. Do you see a bright flash of light?

Interesting first question. The unit has a ramp up time after the destination coordinates are fed into the computers. An audible alarm and a small light start a short countdown at which point you should be secured in a seat. The gravity field generated by the unit overtakes you very quickly. You feel a tug toward the unit similar to rising quickly in an elevator and it continues to rise based on the power setting the unit is working under. At 100% power, the constant pull of gravity can be as high as 2 Gs or more depending on how close you are to the unit. There are no serious side effects but I try to avoid eating before a flight.

No bright flash of light is seen. Outside, the vehicle appears to accelerate as the light is bent around it. We have to wear sunglasses or close our eyes as this happens due to a short burst of ultraviolet radiation. Personally I think it looks like your driving under a rainbow. After that, it appears to fade to black and remains totally black until the unit is turned off. We are advised to keep the windows closed as a great deal of heat builds up outside the car. The gravity field also traps a small air pocket around the car that acts as your only O2 supply unless you bring compressed air with you. This pocket will only last for a short period and a carbon sensor tells us when it's too dangerous. The C204 unit is accurate from 50 to 60 years a jump and travels at about 10 years an hour at 100% power.

You do hear a slight hum as the unit operates and when the power changes or the unit turns off. There is a great deal of electrical crackling noise from static electricity.

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