Saturday, August 2, 2008

Does Werewolf exsit in tis world?

It did happened, olden time. Sciencetist take it as some kinda virus.Some refer it as mental illness..

Werewolf also known as half wolf half men. They are said last time they exist ok the real scientis said it was because the baby human was raise by the wolf so they act like a wolf and for certain reason they become like a wolf but in human form.

"... Werewolves are savage people with evil power to turn themselves into wolves. They are creatures of the night who roam forests for lonely travellers to attack and eat.

It was popular belief that a werewolf could turn his skin inside out to hide his fur to take human form. Many people accused of being werewolves had their bodies ripped open to be searched for this wolf fur. However, it is possible to detect a werewolf in its human form. Beware of hairy people with straight bushy eyebrows that meet in the middle and have small pointy ears! They might turn into werwolves each night or on nights with full moon.

Legend has it that men turned into werewolves by a curse. But there were those who actually wanted to become werewolves.

How does one become a werewolf?

Step 1: Jump over a fallen tree in the forest

Step 2: Stab it with a small knife

Step 3: Chant a spell.

Wait for the next fullmoon and hey presto! You might turn into a werewolf or.. you could feel really stupid.

It was also said that drinking water collected in a wolf's paw print or eating the brains of an animal killed by wolves were sure ways of turning into a wolf. Then there are also people who think that they can turn into wolves although they do not.

This rare mental illness is known as lycanthrophy. Individuals afflicted with this disease behave like werewolves, savagely killing people and eating the flesh of their victims.

In 1604, Jean Grenier, a 13 year old French boy, was accused of being a werewolf. He claimed that he was given a magic wolf skin and ointment by a mysterious man, the Lord of the Forest. So, for 3 years, he became a man-eating werewolf. Jean admitted eating more than 50 children. He had a craving for raw human flesh esp that of little girls.

One day, he came upon a sleeping baby in an empty house. Jean could not resists such a tatsy meal and he dragged the child into the woods. He then shared the bloody remains with a real wolf. Another time, he tried to attack a girl named Marguerite but fortunately for her, she escaped.The attack on Marguerite lef to Jean's arrest and trial. The court found him guilty of cannibalism but they sentenced him to a monastery because doctors diagnosed him as suffering from lycanthropy."

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