Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ways to see Ghost, Spirit,Demon etc..,

Ok during the night um...around 1am - 2.30am like tht. Approach a mirror and start combing your hair for 100 times. Then you get to see something.

Another way is;Get a reaaaallllllyyyy RED apple. Then get ready a candle and it must be during the night. Then start slicing the apple's skin, make sure u dun cut them off, slice till the whole apple skin is out. Then something will happend.

Summore:Put on a dogs eye shit... (is there a more polite way to call it?) on your eye. Um the side of the eye. Nothing will happend, however everytime u bend down and look over your legs, you get to notice something paranormal. (warning many said to have no cure or ways of removing this) better dun try this.

got 1 more way is to spray ur eyes wif cow`s tears

More Ways ~ hunt 3 crow then drown them into a basket of water lively for 3 days.then rub your eyes with that water ,at the same time you gonna say some spells.

Last but not least:During the night, head out to a isolated area (if you dare) alone. Best for abandoned areas like old hospitals, old factories. You dun have to head inside the building just stay outside. Then start walking backwards with your face faving front. You must not look back while walking backwards or else nthg will happen. The effect is random (not very sure yet) When you walk backwards, you will eventually knock against some1 died before. Usually dead peoples near that area.The chances of the effect is the more people die or in a trgaic accident can increase the chance. (warning doing this the person that you get knock with will keep haunting you, and there is still no way to recover this like the dogs way. )

Go to the old hospital building, bring a mirror, 1 torch light. Walk back-ward, and see ur back using the it from 2am till 4am, keep saying fcuk u ghost, come showurself if u got balls

Good luck trying them. I tried the hair combing before, however nthg happend... Maybe whn you guys try them you might just be lucky to c soemthing abnormally haunting. However, i advice NOT to try the dog and the isolated area attempt. This has still NO CURE!! try at your own risk, But this are all just.... blehbleh..

These ways and methods are for Reference only

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