Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wash TOILET for good luck ?, Do you believe this ?

In Japan , its becoming more and more popular to wash toilet just to bring good luck !

Believe it or not

The floor not only need to be washed , moped and clean free from dust, it need to be waxed for best "Luck changing " effect

Logic explaination..?'s just a rumor because mostly we need to clean our place to get healthy and let good luck come. For the toilet washing, I think it's because of the excrement = money theory by us Chinese. If the toilet is very clean, the 'luck' in the excrement will goes to the owner and thus brings wealth.
~ Phillus (RO-G)

for your information, toilet is the place which with most negative aura in your house. unless your toilet contact with sun at noon.
~ Jade Emperor (RO-G)

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