Friday, July 18, 2008

Dracula castle and story

about dracula aka. Count Dracul III Vlad Tepes(real name), he is Lord of Wallachia and rule on Transylvania (Romania).

He is actually a human, since his wife been sue as heretic and burn on crucifix. He start take revenge on those whom drop execution on his wife. Many of them been peneutral with spear, he take their blood and drip with bread and eat(hello, not oreo here).

When he die, he been buried someway. Romanian want to take Count Dracula's Dragon Crest which the Royal Crest for Supreme Harsburg family in Austria. When they open the coffin, Dracul's body is missing. They believe Count Dracula become vampire and hunt for his prey during night fall. Until now, Dracul's body missing still a mystery.

Here is his castle location url

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