Friday, July 18, 2008

"No Vampire" theory

A American Scientist declare that there is no such thing as Vampire !!

Otherwsie, there will be no more human being ....

This is his opinion theory :

Accordingly to legends , a man bitten by a vampire will also become another vampire as a result. This scientist mentioned that assume the entire world population at yr 1600 have about 5.37 billion of people

then that time appear 1 vampire and every month, he find 1 human to drink its blood, thus making another new vampire.The new vampire same thing also go bite another victim once a month...the cycle contiunes...

Base on calculation , by 2 years ,7 months , the whole world will be no more human being ,all will turn to vapire at this rate.

==>Sounds logic ?? but believe it or not,,,up to you..

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