Friday, July 18, 2008

Super lucky ?

Have you suddenly win lottery or win some lucky draw stuffs ?Maybe you've also pick up $$ from the ground while you're walking ?


I remebered once i picked up a $10 dollar note from a nearby drain.the drain was dry and have some dried leaves lying withinOther times of picking up $$ is those 10cents, 20 cents stuffseven 5 cent i also picked up deh (5 cent also = $ meh)


One day while riding the bike carying my 7 yrs old elder son (Kelvin) , suddenly saw a $2 note nearby the road side tree base.

Qickly stopped the bike and pick it up before the strong wind blow it away

Kelvin was happy to receive the $2 that come suddenly come from nowhere..haha


Today (Mar 3 2007) Sin ming headline - Man strike 4D winning S$15 million

He bought 4D for over 20 years but never strike anythingso one day , he pray to his late father who had passed away for some lucky numberand he get this number - "5115"

He placed S$5000 bet for this number and it come up 1st prize and this had registered as a BIGGEST winning from Singapore 4D historyShould the number did not open that night, he would have lost another $5000 ...but he so so LUCKY to make it !!

Help from his late father's supernatural power ? who knows....

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