Friday, July 18, 2008

Number meaning

777 - Lucky ,
666 -Unlucky ,
888- Strike rich ?, What do you think ?

777 is deem as LUCKY number by westerner
It was known that the Mighty GOD created Heaven and Earth and then rest on the 7th day even the number "7" appear many times in Bible
07 - 07 - 2007 is a lucky day to get marry in term of geomancy calculation and in fact alot of couple worldwide had plan to book this day to tie thier knot (Wedding)

On the other hand , 666 is represent by Satan and is deem as unlucky , The omen

I only know chinese Gambler like the 888 to strike rich in winning. cuz 8 and that chinese word "fa" (means gaining or getting rich), their pronounsation are almost similar.. so they believe 8 will bring good fortunes.

mostly chinese's home number/car plate number/whatever wont be 58...cuz 58 (mm pat) sounds like wont rich (mm fatt) - in cantonese language

other numbers such as 9413 is considered unlucky also for chinese.. it sound like 9 dead 1 survived..

chinese dun like 4 also...u know lo hor, all written above...but malay loves 4 cuz 4 = empat ... sounds like DAPAT (obtain) ...

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